D.A. to Withdraw Charges Against Shamokin Mayor

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SHAMOKIN — The Northumberland County district attorney is requesting the charges against the mayor of Shamokin be withdrawn.

Shamokin Mayor William Milbrand was accused of having construction crews cover up some burial sites with dirt in order to build a cell phone tower in the Shamokin Cemetery.

On Saturday, Northumberland County District Attorney Tony Matulewicz requested to withdraw all charges against Milbrand.

According to Matulewicz, an investigation by his office did find that some grave sites were partially or completely covered with dirt. However, the district attorney said the work was performed by a sub-contractor and not Milbrand himself, and he does not believe there is enough evidence to prove Milbrand “knowingly” desecrated the grave sites.


  • doesn't look good

    Channel 16 am news said the charges were withdrawn late Saturday night. Really? Why? Why late at night? Why on a Saturday night? Sounds pretty fishy. I didn’t realize the D.A. generally works on a Saturday night. Was the county hoping no one would catch wind of this if was done on this day and of this time of night? Well, it didn’t work. Channel 16 was right on the ball like usual. Good job WNEP! Can you please send your investigative reporter to Shamokin? Thankyou.

  • shame, shame, shame

    You folks in Shamokin really need to get together and attend a town meeting about this because the people that are 6 feet under can’t. Do it for them if nothing else. Shame on the D.A.. As far as I’m concerned, he is now no better than the Mayor.

    • Same old Stuff

      No one truly cares enough to actually take action. They will say a bunch of stuff but never act on it. It’s happen over the years with various restoration projects the community could of done. However all they did was talk and no action. Same thing will happen here. The mayor looks like a drunk you find at the local bar not mayor material at all.

  • MMMM

    What an effin’ joke. Somebody is paying somebody off. Just like Gilly being able to get away with a ton of stuff. Somebody is getting paid off! DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!

  • not right

    He instructed the construction crews to bury the grave stones. What do you mean you dropped charges? I hope somebody in that town has a talk with the District Attorney.

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