SPCA Looking for People to Adopt Barnyard Animals

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COOPER TOWNSHIP -- Many times when an animal shelter puts out a call for help, it's because it is overcrowded with cats and dogs.

But the Pennsylvania SPCA of Danville has a different problem. It is almost at capacity with its barnyard animals.

Rizzo and Frenchie are two horses living at the Pennsylvania SPCA of Danville, looking for their forever homes. But it's not just these two; all of their horses are up for adoption.

"Right now, I have 11 adoptable horses on property, I've got an adoptable cow on property, two adoptable sheep on property. I've got one horse out in foster care that's adoptable, I've got one horse down in Philadelphia that's adoptable," Carlee Fiddes said.

The Pennsylvania SPCA of Danville has its fair share of cats and dogs, but this is the only location in the SPCA's 23-county area that takes in farm animals.

Earlier this week, Shelter Director Carlee Fiddes put out a call for help on the shelter's Facebook page, that it is almost at capacity for its barnyard animals. Fiddes says they've never had to turn a farm animal away.

"We haven't actually gotten there yet, but we are so critically close. I'd really rather not think about it. We have some organizations that have been willing to step in and help us out in worst case scenarios, but that's not where we should be," Fiddes said.

"When I came here I think there were like eight of them out there and it just keeps increasing," Brianna Emery said.

Emery is a volunteer at the shelter who helps take care of the horses.

"I'd love to see them all go to someone who is able to care for them," Emery said.

So who can adopt these animals? Because it's not like I can just walk into the SPCA and say I would like to bring Coco the cow home to my apartment.

"Ideally, people that are well experienced with these animals already. We really don't have the ability to train people on how to own a horse or how to own a cow," Fiddes said.

The SPCA also needs hay and waterproof horse blankets. If you'd like to help, stop by the shelter on Bloom Road near Danville.


  • Tammy Manning

    Is there an adoption fee for the barnyard animals and is so how much? We have a small farm with goats chickens and rabbits. Have been planning on a couple horses and sheep.we were goingto wait until spring but could possibly move sooner.

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