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New Traffic Lights at Trouble Intersection in Schuylkill County

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NORWEGIAN TOWNSHIP -- New traffic signals were put up in Schuylkill County at a spot that's seen its share of crashes over the years.

The lights are now at the intersection of Routes 901 and 209 in Norwegian Township on a road known as the Pottsville Minersville Highway.

Drivers are pleased that the project is finally finished.

"There's been a lot, a lot of accidents, probably one a month," said Jarod Smith of Minersville. "I remember a couple years ago, there was a pretty bad one involving a motorcycle."

The project cost more than a million dollars.


  • lookback

    Only PennDot could put up traffic lights at a single intersection and have it cost more than a million dollars. I guess we should be thankful they didn’t put up a stop sign, probably would have cost another half million.

    • An Engineer

      They can’t just put them up. There’s a lot that goes into putting in stop signs, traffic lights or changing speed limits. Years of studies and research. There’s a strict set of guidelines to follow.
      …But I understand you don’t feel $1mill is worth it compared to saving lives and preventing common crashes at the intersection…

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