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Admitted Murderer Sentenced for Home Invasion, Other Charges

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WILLIAMSPORT -- An admitted murderer from Bradford County, already sentenced to life, had more years added to that sentence.

Wednesday afternoon, he was sentenced in Lycoming County court to more than 60 additional years for a slew of charges, including attempted homicide and arson.

Michael Houseweart of Canton pleaded guilty to all of the charges against him, admitting he broke into Gary and Linda Inch's house near Montoursville last year, tied them up, robbed them, and set their house on fire. This is after he admitted to killing the couple's daughter who was also his girlfriend.

Houseweart was quiet as he walked into the Lycoming County Courthouse. He pleaded guilty to more than 40 charges against him, including attempted homicide and arson.

Houseweart admitted to breaking into the Inch family's house near Montoursville in January of 2016. He told the judge that he and another man, Brian Vroman, tied up the couple, robbed them and set their house on fire.

For that he was sentenced to 61 and a half to 153 years in state prison. Houseweart is also facing a life sentence in Bradford County for the murder of the couple's daughter, Michelle Inch, who was his girlfriend at the time.

The Lycoming County district attorney told Newswatch 16 Houseweart did not agree to a plea agreement for the home invasion because he hoped to get this sentence in Lycoming County to run at the same time as his life sentence in Bradford County.

The D.A.'s office did not agree with this.

Before the judge gave his sentence, he called Houseweart, "pure evil", and said, "in a drug-induced mania you turned from a petty thief to potentially a mass murderer."

One of the victims, Gary Inch, told the judge, "every bedtime, we remember the terror of that night and we will for some time."

Friends of the couple are happy with the sentence but don't believe any sentence would be long enough.

"There's not too much because you know what? It's never going to be enough. He took a life. He almost took two other lives. So you know what? It's never going to be enough," said Tammi Knight.

"No time served would ever be enough for what he did to both Michelle and her parents," added Annette Laudenslager.

Michael Houseweart apologized to the Inch family but said he will never be able to forgive himself. The other man accused in this crime, Brian Vroman, is scheduled for trial this spring.


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