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World And Olympic Champion Dimitri Bilozerchev Teaching Gymnastics In Lackawanna County

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"It's a great opportunity for the kids just to see me and work with me, so every time I have an invitation usually I go to the people and try to help as much as I can," said Dimitri Bilozerchev.

Meet Dimitri Bilozerchev the two-time world all around gymnastic champion and three-time Olympic champion from Russia.

"Now to the end...Watch. He starts a flare and begins to travel across the horse with the flare and work his way back with the same flare," said announcer.

Bilozerchev is in Dunmore for the next two weeks training the next generation of gymnasts at the United Sports Academy.

"We'll the most important is trying to focus on what you are doing and if you are doing something make sure that you are doing it precisely and pay attention to details," said Dimitri.

"I've learned loads of stuff from him. It's incredible how much my gymnastics has improved since he's been here," said Mackenzie Black.

"It's a lot of techniques and strategies to do things. It's really neat to get a different perspective on things," said Adeline Rieder.

"He's been really helping me on bars on my technique and form and he is a super nice coach," said Taylor Osterhout.

Bilozerchev won five gold medals in the 1984 Friendship games but then shattered his leg in 41 places the next year in a violent car crash. In 1987 he rebounded to become a World Champion and followed it up with three gold medals at the Olympics in Seoul in 1988.

"He's been working a lot on technique and form and kind of different perspective on things, and just a lot of help in general on all skills," said Donna Howell.

"It's so inspiring because you look at him today and you would never think that he went all that he went through and it's just amazing," again said Adeline.

We'll like most of the girls here at United Sports Academy in Dunmore Dimitri started his training in Russia at a very young age. When he was only 8 he started training gymnastics while most of his friends we're playing hockey.

"We'll it was something when I walk through the gym I see lots of activity. Lot of different events, and I love trampoline and I love to jump from the trampoline into the pits and that hooked me up right away," again said Dimitri.

Bilozerchev lives in Russia now and runs his own gymnastics academy. Steve Lloyd reporting for Newswatch 16 sports in Lackawanna County.