Teenager Gives Gift Bags to Cancer Patients for Valentine’s Day

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HAZLETON -- Patients at the Cancer Treatment Center in South Hazleton never expected to walk in and receive gift bags.

"I think it's a very nice gesture," said one woman.

Life Scout Jake Morra of Mountain Top handed them out.

"Basically, my grandma inspired me to do this," he said.

Jake's grandmother was recently diagnosed with cancer and had to get treated herself.

"It was weird to see her without her hair because she's always had pretty curly hair," he said.

So when the 17 year old was told he needed to find a way to give back to the community to become an Eagle Scout, he asked friends and family for donations, bought a bunch of supplies, and created 100 gift bags.

"I was talking to my grandma when I was coming up with the idea of the project, and she was telling me some of these items she wished she had," he said.

Inside the bags: a blanket, crossword puzzle, some candy, and more.

"I have my first treatment today and I'm a little nervous!" said Anne Fierro.

The bag was a big help to calm her nerves.

"Yes, it did! It was unexpected, and never thinking of Valentine's Day. I was thinking of my treatment," she said.

Jake said his grandmother appreciates the project is in her honor.

"She was talking to me the other day saying she was hoping I'm not doing this to get it out of the way but because I want to and I love her and that's really why I'm doing it," he said.

Jake expects to learn if he becomes an Eagle Scout in about a month.

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