Special Deliveries on Valentine’s Day

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DANVILLE -- Valentine's Day is arguably one of the busiest days of the year for florists. Scott's Floral in Danville services five counties in central Pennsylvania, and today his team delivered around 300 arrangements.

Very carefully, Mark Cromley packed up one of the trucks at Scott's Floral in Danville.

"Just making sure that I don't drop anything or break any flowers," Cromley said.

Cromley was getting ready to make a delivery to a nearby nursing home and decided to let Newswatch 16 tag along.

Ruth Hile got flowers from her daughter who lives in Georgia, while Mary Ann Berkey got flowers from her husband.

"They're beautiful. They're very nice," Berkey said.

Cromley also had flowers for an employee from her boyfriend.

"He better have sent me flowers on Valentine's Day!" Felicia Wonsik said.

Scott's Floral usually has four drivers on a daily basis, but on holidays like Valentine's Day where it's very busy, there are eight drivers.

"Actually, we have a spare vehicle that when something happens we send somebody from the greenhouse, and say they need it right away," Scott Edwards said.

Scott Edwards is the owner of Scott's Floral. He says his team made around 300 deliveries this Valentine's Day and had to stop taking orders for deliveries.

"It is the busiest day of the year because everybody wants it on Valentine's Day or the day before," Edwards added.

As for driver Mark Cromley, he has a full-time job and delivers for Scott's Floral on major holidays.

"Gives you an opportunity to make a smile on everybody's face," Cromley said.

The crew at Scott's Floral says after Valentine's Day they'll get a few weeks to breathe, but the next busiest holiday -- Mother's Day -- will be here before we know it!