Police: Beware Burglars Posing as Water Company Workers

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SCRANTON -- Police in Lackawanna County are looking for two burglars and their investigation comes with a warning.

In at least two communities, the burglars told homeowners they were workers for a water company and needed to come inside.

Police issued that warning this week after two burglaries in Scranton and an attempted burglary in Clarks Summit that proved to be very similar.

Officers think another burglary in Throop could also be related.

Police say one man has been ringing the doorbell and saying he's with a water company and has to check the home's basement. Once inside, a second man burglarizes the place.

Police say their suspects are wearing dark-colored uniforms, and have ID badges around their necks.

They have been driving either an SUV or a van, white or light colored.

The victims have all been senior citizens -- but police are warning people of all ages to not allow strangers into their homes.

"The difficult thing is to educate everyone about it, that it's happening and prepare them," said Jerry Snyder. "And we become anti-social as a result of that, 'No, I'm not letting you in my house.'"

"I guess, to those poor people, obviously they have to be feeling betrayed, and unfortunately, it shows a lack of trust," said Jim Nicolais.

Anyone with information about these burglaries -- or anyone who may have had this happen -- should call police in Scranton, Clarks Summit, or Throop.


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