ESU Students Celebrate Anti-Valentine’s Day

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EAST STROUDSBURG -- If you're looking for people celebrating the day of love, you won't find them here.

Some students at East Stroudsburg University are doing the exact opposite -- they are celebrating "Anti-Valentine's Day."

"It's the alternate twist on Valentine's Day. It's for people who are single, it's a way to celebrate being single and a way to say hey it's not really bad to be single," said Eric Firestone, a sophomore at East Stroudsburg University.

Eric decided to put together the event for those who might be feeling a little blue -- instead of red -- on this day.

"All this stuff is to kind of get people together and show them that there are people like them out there," he said. "And not everyone needs to be in love."

Freshman Cassandra Bediako says she doesn't mind not celebrating the "Hallmark Card" holiday -- in fact, she's having fun celebrating against it.

"I think it's great actually. Everyone is coming together, it's great and amazing and I love it," Bediako said.

There are a lot of activities for students to participate in on this Anti-Valentine's Day. There is shoot cupid with an arrow, 'Punch a Valentine', and much more for students to enjoy.

For snacks, students snacked on some chocolate covered fruit and made their own Anti-Valentine's Day cupcakes.

Some we spoke to think this is a great way for students to meet new people and have a little fun, too.

"It's important to love yourself and it's important to love the people around you who care about you the most," said ESU senior Azad Ebrahimi. So having an event like this, bringing people together like this is perfect."

Students hope to continue this tradition each Valentine's Day here on East Stroudsburg's Campus in Monroe County.


  • muslimes hate VD

    Muslimes won’t celebrate Valentines day either. Many muslime countries even ban wearing of any red clothing or articicle. Is this w n e p a article trying to be a subliminal message ? Hmmm

  • sonya

    Are we in college or grammer school? College isn’t a big party…its to be serious and mature…this is something that children would create!
    Get lives people and please stop looking for attention ugh

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