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Cab Driver Gets Justice after Williamsport Shooting

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WILLIAMSPORT -- The man who shot and robbed his cab driver back in 2014 was sentenced in Williamsport on Tuesday.

"A bitter, bitter situation."

That's what Dante Washington's sister said in court before her brother was sentenced to 36 to 72 years in state prison.

In 2014, Washington robbed his cab driver, then shot him, almost killing him.

Nearly four years later, Dante Washington, 27, walked out of the back of the Lycoming County Courthouse knowing he will likely spend the next 36 to 72 years of his life in state prison.

About the same time, in the front of the courthouse, Eugene Phillips, the badly injured cab driver was embraced by his family.

"Great day, my daughter got married to begin with, and now we can put this behind us," Phillips said.

Phillips' scars have healed, but the memories from the night he was shot are harder to forget.

Back in 2014, Phillips picked up Washington in his cab and drove down an alley off Elmira Street in the city. That's where police say Washington took out a gun and demanded money.

Phillips says all he remembers of the early morning he was shot is that Washington told him, "I want it all."

"It's the last chapter of the book. I'm ready to move on," he said.

A jury found Washington guilty of attempted homicide back in December.

Before he was sentenced, he read a letter aloud in court saying, "I'm truly sorry for what happened. No one deserves what you have gone through."

"I accept his apology," Phillips said. "I know it's hard for him to say, but I accept what he said."

"It's just sad what happened," said the victim's daughter Lacy Swain. "We have no vengeance towards anybody. It's just sad what happened."

Amidst the tears, there was a sense of compassion from both families.

Washington said, "The mistake I made was leaving my family without a loved one."

Quality time is something the Phillips family takes full of advantage of now.

"Every day he has off and I have off we play the Wii and I'm so grateful I have those days," said Swain.


  • Bill

    it starts with the complete breakdown of the black family. Drugs, multiple partners no job, no father in the house, too comfortable on govt. assistance, no respect for the police, no respect for your neighbor, rap music hip-hop culture indoctrination, and porn don’t help either. but what do i know? maybe more government assistance money is the answer.

  • Givemeabreak

    Where are all you commenting on the man who was arrested on molesting a 15 year old in the other story? Just wondering.

  • Youzpickinonmecuzimblakk

    I wonder who wrote his apology for him to say, probably his public defendant. wafj. Now we all get to feed and support this thing for years while he gangs it up wit his homies in da can. Why not send him to Chicago instead and turn him loose, after all..that’s what’s running loose shooting up the ghettos out there, maybe he’d take a couple more off the earth before he got a cap popped in his azz too.

    • Givemeabreak

      Let him run loose in Chicago? That’s your solution? You do realize innocent children get shot and killed amongst all the gang violence in Chicago. Maybe we should drop you off in Chicago.

      • Justagirl

        Innocent children get shot in Chicago amongst the gangs because Mayor Rahm has no balls to clean up the city nor do the aldermen. So they blame it on economics and bad white cops. Along w that reality is this: it’s the mothers fault for their children getting shot because they refuse to move them to higher ground. Even a dog knows this instinctively….so what does that make these mothers?

  • CeeMe

    Congratulations Mr. Phillips and may your days ahead be good ones. You deserve them. It’s just sickening that people can’t even go about earning a living without being in danger from unemployed thugs. I’m not sure I’d be as forgiving as you are, but good for you and for the court for their sentencing.

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