Strong Winds Stir Up Trouble in Schuylkill County

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PORT CARBON -- The wind was fierce in Schuylkill County on Monday with gusts over 40 miles per hour in Port Carbon.

“It was blowing around really bad. You could hear it coming through the seams in the windows and everything was whistling. It was blowing the front of the library here. It made the windows creak. There was stuff flying around,” said Jason Abati, who was at the Port Carbon Library.

Power outages were reported throughout the area, and PPL crews were out and about.

“I’m a firefighter and my pager went off, so I knew the power was out. Plus, I got an update from PPL saying the power was out for like two and a half hours. There was a transformer fire because of the wind, I guess,” said Justin Richter of Port Carbon.

Aside from power problems, there was property damage, too.

Alex Cohn says the wind took down a shed in his yard. He managed to get it upright again and secure it.

“It landed against that tree over there, so I just got around the front and pushed it back carefully so it wouldn’t land on my head,” said Cohn. “We could have a hurricane now and that thing will not blow over,” he laughed.

While the wind was a headache for many, there were no reported serious issues. Still, it was a day many will remember.

“Out of all the wind that I’ve seen coming through here, I think today was the worst of it, the strongest of all the storms I’ve seen,” said Abati.

Whether it was property damage or power outages, everyone we spoke with said they're just glad it wasn't worse.

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