Governor Pushes Plan to Consolidate Four State Agencies

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WILKES-BARRE -- Governor Tom Wolf visited Wilkes-Barre Monday to explain to seniors why consolidating four agencies into one could benefit them.

If the plan goes through, the new unified agency would be called the Department of Health and Human Services.

"I don't think anyone in the country is doing this," said Gov. Wolf.

Speaking to seniors at the Charles T. Adams Senior Center on Public Square in Wilkes-Barre, Governor Wolf announced his plan to save $90 million a year by consolidating four state agencies into one.

"Instead of asking our citizens to do more, we're asking our government to do more," said Gov. Wolf.

Governor Wolf wants to consolidate the departments of Human Services, Health, Drug and Alcohol programs, and Aging.

"Truly, this wasn't a surprise. It was a culmination of fragmentation, duplication," said Pennsylvania Secretary of Aging Teresa Osborne.

The governor's administration believes consolidating the four departments will save money by making government more efficient.

People at this senior center hope that having just one state agency to call for services will mean less confusion.

"It's very good. It's a good idea!" said Jones Schwartz.  "I'm getting older. I'm going to be 75 soon, so it'll make my life better."

In fact, sometimes workers at the senior center don't even know who to call. They hope Wolf's proposal becomes reality.

"It'll make my job a lot easier, but it'll make it better for the people. They can come in and find exactly what they're looking for easier," said senior center director Toni Mathis.

The governor's proposal also includes closing some county assistance offices, particularly those that have a high employee turnover.

The state legislature has until the end of June to approve a budget.


  • Tom Wolf in sheeps clothing

    Tom Wolf is a shill who only cares about the voters who are part of the evil teachers union. He knows that as long as he does everything he can to make sure they don’t have to pay for healthcare or their retirement, he will win a second term. If he actually cared about the Commonwealth of PA and wanted to save money, he would cancel all of the pensions for future teachers and make them pay their fair share for healthcare. #teacherscomplaintoomuch #startworkingsummers #iwishionlyhadtowork180daysayear #yourerobbingthetaxpayers

  • Jd

    Btw. The department of health and human services’s was created in the 1980’s something as a spin off of another department that was created in the 1950’s something. Wolfie’s on crack.

  • magicmikexxsm

    People don’t listen to Gov. liar….that’s what the DNC sold you people about Obamataxcare…oh we will have one agency will save you money on healthcare and so on….sold us a bill of goods….Wolf is a democrat….he’s selling you a bill of NO GOODS………So this idiot thinks making 1 big govt bureaucracy will save money….

    it won’t, vote the stupid thing down.

    • Jd

      Yeah, and wait till the lean manufacturing kicks in. The government workers will be pissing their pants trying to do twice as much work in less time with more top supervision dictating their directives!

    • WarningFakeNews

      He’s up for re-election, let him try and redeem himself by slashing spending. If he fails to do it, we can fail to elect him this time. Simple. Maybe he’s figuring his political life isn’t going to last if he can’t begin cutting costs. Plenty of fat in the PA budget.

    • Bleepnoid

      You have a negative comment about every post. Since you are so familiar with every story, I would like to nominate you as king.

    • Jd

      Yeah, the governor is only about ten years behind the times, but better late than never I guess. Whoo hoo! Look what I can do! As they say!

  • chaunceythegardner

    If this happens and money is actually saved without a significant drop in services, this will truly be a miracle.
    The next move will be to replicate this process throughout Harrisburg and share the savings with us.
    Sorry, I’m dreaming now.

  • WarningFakeNews

    Saving money is a good thing. Shrinking the size of the government is the way to go. So basically, I have no beef with the Gov. on cutting pork.

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