Winter Weather Creates Slippery Conditions for Early Morning Drivers

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NEW MILFORD -- Snow and freezing rain pelted cars all morning Sunday.

Signs warned of winter weather for already slowed-down cars on Interstate 81 in Lackawanna County Sunday morning.

The wintry conditions made it difficult for first responders to get to a morning fire in Carbondale Township. Icy roads and hills were a bad combo, and the slick conditions made it difficult for firefighters of the Meredith Hose Company to get to the home. There were no injuries and the home was saved, but firefighters said the garage was a complete loss.

"The weather really played a big factor in getting people here, getting trucks up, and it was pretty icy when I got up," said Chief Matt Cerra of the Meredith Fire Hose Company.

The icy road conditions continued into Susquehanna  County.  Andy Lindsey tells Newswatch 16 he spent most of the morning clearing the snow along the roads in New Milford.

"Getting used to it. It's near the end of the season. It is what it is. Just keep pushing. It's a little heavier to push, just one push at a time," said Lindsey.

In Great Bend, some spent their morning digging out of this wintry mess.

"It is just real sloppy right now, so I mean just take it easy, and it will be alright," said Fred Shiptoski of New Milford.

On top of the wintry mix many saw on Sunday, winds are expected to pick up Sunday evening. There is a wind advisory for early Monday morning until Monday evening.


  • Stinky

    Can PA residents sue Pendot? Our taxes pay them to maintain the roads. They no longer use salt or even plow while it’s snowing. Some of us actually work and don’t have the luxury to call off every time it snows. Now we have to put our lives in danger because Pendot isn’t doing their job! I’m pretty sure the DMV promotes their most incompetent employees to work at Pendot

    • Stinky

      Not all of us can live in our moms basement and have her bring us hot chocolate every time it snows. Some of us have to work

  • Bill K

    Where was PennDOT? Why couldn’t they salt the roads? ALL weather services were calling for icy conditions. The past few winters were mild with little snow/ice. There should be plenty of salt in reserves from the previous years. Same with labor costs. Little snow/ice the past few years should mean the budgets weren’t impacted. There should be surplus in the labor budget. Oh that’s right it’s PennDOT. Any surplus/leftover funds was handed out to senior management as they slapped each other on their backs.

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