Weather Woes for Drivers

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Snow and rain across our area created some tricky spots for drivers, and it's only going to get worse.

At the PennDOT shed in Dunmore, it's not so much about the plows as it is about the brine solution that crews have to sprinkle on the roads to stop them from freezing. And even with treated roads, it was still tough driving for many across the area.

Along Interstate 84, there were several spun out cars on Sunday as crews worked as quickly as they could to plow the roads before the slushy mix turned to ice.

A 12-mile stretch of Interstate 84 from the Lord's Valley exit to the Milford exit was shut down going east for nearly two hours after several drivers crashed.

Jake Soisson of Greeley saw plenty of cars detoured around the gas station where he works in Pike County. As the volunteer firefighter cleared away the snow, he knew it was only going to get heavier as the rain mix continued.

"A couple years ago, we had five feet of snow fall in one day. This year it was like hey, no snow until Christmas, then after that it was sunny and the next thing you know, you're getting snow again," he said.

Many people pointed out just how quickly this snow and rain mix turned into ice.

At Howes 84 Travel Center in Wayne County, Bruce Henwood of Greentown worked to clear the lot.

"If we don't stay ahead of it, the customers can't get in and out, so it's very important," Henwood said.

Even in Lackawanna County, off the Mount Cobb exit, Tom Cusack of Hawley stopped to clear off some of the ice on his way back from Reading.

"That was the decision we were trying to make, whether we should stay in Reading overnight or come back. And we watched the weather and the winds weren't coming in until we made it home, so we made a decision to try to make it home," Cusack said.

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  • Stinky

    what do we even pay pendot for they dont plow or salt until after the storm is over. some people have no choice but to use the roads during storms

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