Rally to Defund Planned Parenthood

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SCRANTON -- Dozens turned out in Scranton to protest Planned Parenthood in solidarity with other protests happening nationwide.

They gathered on Courthouse Square Saturday as part of #ProtestPP, a coalition of pro-life groups such as the Pro-Life Action League, Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, and Created Equal.

"I think that there is a very, very big support for the pro-life movement. Obviously, it's nowhere near covered as much as the opposing side, which is fine, but it's very encouraging to see all these people out here today," said Anthony George of Dupont.

The rally was held in hopes that the Trump administration takes measures to defund the women's health organization.


  • ***

    I love how most of this rally is made up of men, you know the ones that usually run from pregnancy, and no it shouldn’t be called “unplanned” parenthood… Most people go there because they’re planning on not having a child anytime soon. They offer more than just what they’re “known” for. They offer STD testing for both men and women, affordable birth control, cancer screenings, general women’s health services. Seriously you’re all idiots, I have lost about 50 IQ points from reading this thread. However, I expect nothing else when you live in an area where people have more teeth than IQ points..(considering most people have about 12 teeth in their mouths) go do some research. Don’t claim yourself as pro-life, you’re pro-birth you could care less what happens to that child after its brought to term. If men gave birth to children there would be more abortion clinics in scranton than bars and birth control would be in vending machines for $1.00. I stand with Planned Parenthood.

  • Desirae

    Planned parenthood isn’t just for abortion. Open your eyes. I needed to go there for a pap, to donate my kidney. It was the only place I could walk into without insurance. They help women. They also help younger girls who are sexually active with protection from sexually transmitted diseases. also helps them with not getting pregnant to begin with.

  • WarningFakeNews

    The bigots are the ones killing minority babies, from Sanger on down. The KKK would approve. The lie that they provide all these other services has been exposed for what it is. Abortion is the service they provide, and almost nothing else.

  • Stacey

    The government should not have a say in what a woman does with her body. A man will never understand how hard it is for a woman to make the decision to abort her pregnancy.

  • Conroy

    I wonder how long it will be untill you Republican types start actually start burning people alive in the streets for being witches. I mean at the rate of moral and social decay and “huck huck hurrah for Dixie and Jesus” you people are pushing for I would not be surprised if you literally turn on your neighbors in bloodlust in a decade or so.

    • WarningFakeNews

      You have us confused with ISIS, they’re for doing that. That’s why we want to keep those guys out. If you were serious about protecting Americans, you might join us on that.

      • Conroy

        And where do you think ISIS started? The middle East was a lot like the west until the Islamic revolution. But by bit people lost more of their rights and it led to “that”. Never assume that this cannot happen here. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. I just wish more of you who support all of this realized this, if you sacrifice the future to save the present this country will end up like the middle East.

      • Jon Steele

        Joan of Arc was burned by ISIS???

        I bet they burned the Salem witches too!!!

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        John Badby burned in a barrel, 1410
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        Burning of John Hooper in Gloucester, 1555
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        And these people too!?!?!?

      • WarningFakeNews

        Reply to Jon Steele: Well, there you go. I suppose we shouldn’t allow the Christians of those centuries to come in either. What we’re talking about today here is the RECENT events we’re seeing with our own eyes, otherwise we’d be keeping out the Germans, Japanese and many, many others.

      • Jon Steele

        To the contrary… We should be very cautious of anyone that is allowed into America. This is the greatest country on earth. Citizens from around the world dream of coming here. We can and should select only the best and reject the rest. The criteria for entrance should not be the color of ones skin or religion. It should be, can you contribute to the American dream. Can you add to it’s greatness.

        And for atrocities going on presently… Just look at many of the nations in Africa. Christians and Muslims and lesser known religions persecute individuals and groups.

    • GetOnBoard

      For Jon Steele

      In the USA the Church of Satan is not considered a religion. Just because those who push an Ideology want to call their beliefs a Religion does not mean it is nor should any so called religion have a right to impose through violence their beliefs.

      Any religion that calls for killing non believers should never be considered a religion and have religious freedoms in our country! This is only common sense.

      Islam should be removed as a religion in the USA on the basis it’s ideology is a Political and governmental system that hides itself as a religion with the intent to destroy the religious freedoms of millions of Americans…. That it hides itself using the very laws we use to protect our freedom of Religious beliefs they intend to destroy.

  • Jd

    Neither side should be a “government” issue. Neither side should be government funded. “Thou shalt not kill” is a commandment from God. Answer to him.

    • Conroy

      Mhmhh yeah. Except the laws and most doesn’t answer to your 2000 year old skyfairy. You know what nations do though? Those Muslims ones you people hate so much. Puts things in perspective right? The Bible also says stone your wife to death if she cheats on you. You want to pick and choose which part of the Bible you follow? Sounds like you do.

  • WarningFakeNews

    Millions upon millions of baby women and a disproportionate amount of baby people of color eliminated from society, and the left celebrates their right to do this.

    Margaret Sanger’s racist dream.

  • Don't be a sheep

    Abortion is at an all time low right now, mostly due to the great coup cling places like planned parenthood provides, this a clear case of cutting of your nose to spite your face. Please for the love of God start researching and getting real information.

    • Rocky Ramon

      Amen brother! How hard is it to use birth control? You’d think we would give it out for free or a low cost, less unwanted pregnancies. Those getting rich off welfare are the ones that think you should pop out kids like you are a Pez dispenser. I’d be OK with my tax dollars going for easy access to birth control.

      • GetOnBoard

        Well, at least they aren’t home making babies only to abort them 5 months from now. Just because they can. Yet, if someone punches a pregnant woman and causes her to miscarriage, they think that perpetrator should be arrested for murder. However, in the same breath it’s not murder if they abort?

      • DJB

        No GF–that’s not an alternative fact, it’s was true and caught on video and the practice was stopped only after it was exposed. But nice try using your liberal talk trackword”alternative”. Do you people even hear yourselves anymore? Group think has poisoned your ability to critically think. Just keep parroting what the Uber left tells you to think. Let me guess, you’re throwing and Oscar party.

      • GetOnBoard

        Of Couse it’s MY Business along with every other Working American that funds medicaid with tax dollars. People with medicaid mostly low income get free or reduced cost services at Planned Parenthood. Medicaid then sends the bill to Federal Government to get reimbursed from OUR tax dollars.

    • Jon Steele

      Defund NASA, NOAA, ACHP, ACFR, ACSFA, BOR, BRAC, BOP, DERT, DESC, DFAS, EEOICP, FEC, FDIC, FLETC, FMC, GSA, HMI, GPRA, USMC, FOIA, HISPC, TSA, USACE, MedPAC, OALJ, SSA, USPs, and especially the OAIT, they think they own this country!!!

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