Ball Fields In The Poconos Vandalized

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CHESTNUTHILL TOWNSHIP -- Several little league teams likely won't be playing on their fields this upcoming season in Monroe County after someone vandalized the fields.

Overhead pictures taken by church trustee Bill Campbell show the extent of the damage, after learning someone had a little too much fun on the little league fields sometime Friday.

Now, state police have been contacted in order to investigate.

"These fields are completely destroyed," said Campbell. "I just hope that mothers and fathers will reiterate to their children that church property and little league baseball fields are not the place to go to have your fun on a snowy afternoon or snowy evening."

"It just makes me sick to see this," said league equipment and field manager Jim Frable, who estimates the damage to the fields at around $5,000-7,000. "It's just disheartening that somebody could do this to something the kids use."

With practices starting in the beginning of April, the four teams that normally use these fields will have to look elsewhere.

"They'll have to share fields and they'll get less practice time," said Annette Walsh, Vice President of the West End Little League.

West End Little League is looking for volunteers to help clean up the fields and at least try salvage one of them for part of the upcoming season.



  • Carolyn

    I know a few people that may want to volunteer. How can I get a hold of Annette Walsh VP of West End Little League. ?

  • Dana Smith

    a Simple fence around a ball field is the norm . Obviously some inconsiderate kids whom don’t consider others and who it is is known to alot of people from all the traffic.

    • Pa. border patrol

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    • Ashley

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    • Axia

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  • Jd

    From the pictures, it looks like whoever did this was there for awhile. Didn’t anyone hear or see something? What a shame.

  • RicU.

    Regretful as damage to a ball field is, many of us pre-millennials remember “sandlot” and using fields used by High Schools. OK? Please, I do hope law enforcement puts these foul balls in a rundown and send him to the showers in the Grey Bar Hotel but it will take more than the “usual suspects.” They better bring in the long relief from the Bull Pen.

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