Students Hope to Share Gift of Sight with Parent

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LOYALSOCK TOWNSHIP -- Heather Davis maneuvers around her home near Williamsport with fuzzy vision all the time. Heather has been legally blind since she was about 9 years old and prescription eyeglasses aren't enough.

"It would have to be this close and I still can't see it," said Davis.

Jason Kaufman from Selinsgrove is also legally blind, that is, until he puts his eSight glasses on.

"With these, it brings a whole new world to somebody with a visual impairment," said Kaufman.

The glasses are adjustable so the user can refocus and zoom to see well.

"I could go in without my husband and actually not ask for help and find the stuff and read how much it is," said Davis.

Since Heather first tried the glasses on a few months ago, she's been focused on getting a pair herself but, the eSight glasses cost about $15,000.

"I'm up to $981," said Davis.

Heather does not have to raise all of that money on her own anymore. Thanks to a group of students at Loyalsock Area High School she already has $300 more.

"We've collected money at basketball games and we started our campaign and we are having a fundraiser kickoff next Wednesday at our school," said Autumn Deitrick.

Heather has two children in the school district. When senior Autumn Deitrick heard a parent needed help, she reached out to other members of the National Honor Society to help her raise money.

"I know this would really mean the world to her and I know with help from the community we can give Heather the gift of sight," said Deitrick.

To help Heather buy her glasses CLICK HERE.

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