Barletta Speaks at Chamber Breakfast, Protesters Gather Nearby

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KELLY TOWNSHIP -- One of President Donald Trump's biggest supporters was in Union County Friday and talked about immigration.

Rep. Lou Barletta, (R) 11th District, was the guest speaker at a monthly breakfast for two chambers of commerce, but that invite brought criticism from some voters in Barletta's district.

Around 30 people stood about a block away from the Country Cupboard near Lewisburg and held up signs. They oppose the repeal the Affordable Care Act also known as Obamacare.

But inside the restaurant, there was no mention of protesting and Congressman Barletta spoke to a sold-out crowd.

Republican Congressman Lou Barletta spoke to a crowd of over 200 people at a Chamber of Commerce breakfast near Lewisburg. Topics included immigration, health care, and President Donald Trump.

About a block away, about 30 protesters held up signs. Most were upset that Barletta favors repealing the Affordable Care Act.

Dwayne Heisler owns a small business in business in Bloomsburg and relies on Obamacare.

"If it's taken away, then what are we going to do? I don't know how I am going to get my insurance," said Dwayne Heisler of Bloomsburg.

"I wouldn't vote for repealing and pulling the plug on this until we're sure that nobody's going to fall through the cracks. And it's complicated because the affordable care act has been in existence now for a number of years," said Rep. Barletta.

Paul Hartman of Lewisburg supports Barletta and attended the breakfast. He believes the process of repealing the Affordable Care Act is moving too slowly.

"They've had at least since November, two, three months to do something, knowing he was going to become president," said Hartman.

Barletta says there is not another plan in place yet because it's just not that easy to dismantle the Affordable Care Act.

As for Trump's immigration order, Barletta agrees and believes the Supreme Court will back President Trump.

"This president's doing the responsible thing and saying let's take a time out until we can put something in place to assure that those coming in from those countries are properly screened," said Barletta.

The congressman and the people we spoke with were not upset about the protesters and the protesters tell Newswatch 16 they believe their actions will make a difference.

"I hope they're listening. They're supposed to care about their constituents. We vote for them and we can vote them out of office, too," said Wendy Lynne Lee of Bloomsburg.

Congressman Barletta is happy with President Trump's first three weeks in office and pleased that he's carrying out many of his campaign promises. As for the president's tweeting, Barletta said, "that kind of stuff's not going to stop, and if anyone thinks Donald Trump is going to stop being Donald Trump, this is who he is."


  • magicmikexxsm

    Just think dupes, Obama could have given every legal person in America a million dollars which is roughly 320 mill, but instead he chose to give 150 billion to Iran….Obama could have given that money to the American people who really need it, and still saved a ton of cash…

    Out of all the billions we give to other countries every year our fed gov. could give every American like I said above 1 million take tax out of it, the feds make some money back, and you walk away with 600k or so. just think what you could do with that, pay off you house? car?


    • Elizabeth

      Because maybe the shift they work allowed them to be there and maybe the reason the numbers were low was because the others who wanted to be there couldn’t. It isn’t always black and white.

      • WarningFakeNews

        Just wait and see the attendance at the Trump rallies being planned for the end of February. It won’t be a measly 30 here, 100 there, we’ll show up by the tens of thousands. We won’t need to be bussed in, either- and we won’t be getting paid by Soros or anyone else.

  • WarningFakeNews

    Meanwhile… ICE is conducting raids in Southern California, 160 arrested thus far, and what scared the illegals most was the raids were described as “routine”. It’s not a coincidence that some illegals are “self deporting”, which is about as economically feasible as we can get.

  • CeeMe

    I can understand their feelings about healthcare. Something needs to be done in our country about that, but this nonsense of bringing refugees here, is ridiculous. Go and support them if you want to. Leave the rest of us out of it.

  • Chuck

    Here is what Barletta will be voting for…..if that is a good thing then fine we just have different points of view…….…… ….you and or …..your elderly relatives will receive the following “benefits from your pal Trump and the GOP…..just go look ……

    1. A 13.5% reduction in their SS monthly payment (See Pat Toomey)

    2. A $6000 voucher to purchase their own healthcare in place of Medicare (see Paul Ryan)

    3. The privitazation of SS AND rise in retirement age (See Toomey and Ryan)

    4. The repeal of the ACA will HARM many people including Republicans….BTW you do realize it is called the Affordable Care Act…I’ve read stories that people hate ObamaCare and don’t realize they have it because they have roiled the waters.

    So you are in for a rude awakening…..

    • magicmikexxsm


      Hey chuck, maybe you should get an updated copy of the DNC talking points because most of what you spewed is BS dude……. peoples SS won’t be cut. privatization of SS also BS never gonna happen…Oh but you are right on 1 point. the age to retire should be raised a bit…say anybody born from 75 on up must work till 69 for full bennies……

  • Givemeabreak

    You people are the ones feeding what the message is from the media because you keep clicking on the protest stories. This is about money. The protests makes both sides mad and in turn gets clicks that help pay for advertising. Wake Up! It’s your own doing. Duh. If you don’t like something stop watching it, you can always go somewhere else if you don’t like it. The best thing you can do is ignore it, but you just keep letting them manipulate you.

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      This is the only thing you’ve ever posted that I agree with. Except WNEP is like a car crash, you can’t help but stare as you pass by.

      • Givemeabreak

        Everyone has their agenda. If they want your vote, money or are staring at your busty chest they a probably lying to you. The elite don’t care about us anymore than some of you care about the needy. We are bugs to the elite. I might not agree with you guys much but I do care about all my fellow Americans even you Lloyd. People are being manipulated on so many levels and it needs to stop.

  • WarningFakeNews

    Maybe what the president should do is to declare that he personally will be issuing any and all visas from the 7 countries, since he has info the judiciary doesn’t have by which to go by. He’ll do it as soon as he gets around to it.

  • anna

    The hypocrite protestors are putting noncitizen rights ahead of citizens, are not concerned about the safety of American homeland. And the media keeps encouraging their nonsense. They should get jobs and pay taxes like the rest of us.

  • anna

    By the third sentence WNEP gets right to coverage of protestors. As usual. One sided create-a-frenzy reporting continues. Most of these “protests” are just a few hypocrites who suddenly now are against executive orders but under Obama, no problem.

  • Trump Remorse

    I voted for him and Trump. Talk about buyers remorse! Watching as they give more tax breaks, appoint people who know nothing, try to take away social security, give more tax breaks for the wealthy. Trump and the rest of these clowns are taking down the country fast. Never again!!!

    • DJB

      So Remorse, let’s dissect your comment one point at a time. Tax breaks are to pretty much everyone, esp the poor and middle class, not just wealthy. Your comment wreaks of covetous envy. Sorry just being honest. Our corporate tax rate is the highest in the world. Do you think you can stimulate jobs and business productivity more by raising or lowering taxes for people who are business owners and wealthy who are investors?? It’s an easy concept even for anyone who hasn’t had course one in Economics. Lower taxes, more business and GDP, more paid in taxes overall and more revenue for the government. As for people who know nothing—to whom do you refer? He’s assembled the most talented group of SUCCESSFUL people ever to serve in cabinet-level positions. EVER. Do you want mindless minions who are repurposed bureaucrats or do you want people in the cabinet who have solid business and professional records? We just left 8 years of “theoretic experts” with no real experience–look where that has gotten us. If you are referring to Betsy DeVos, lol, the opposition is primed and paid for by the teacher’s unions who are afraid that she will stimulate more school choice. Huge threat to these unions. Do you think that the protests, over reporting, and known liberal bent of the media might be coming in play and stumping those who don’t really know the record or deeply know the issues, history, or backgrounds of the appointees? If I had to guess, my bet is that you are either a troll throwing out a straw argument to make Donald Trump look bad or else you are buying all of the nonsense coming out of the Democrat spin machine. Now–to be fair—Trump isn’t helping his cause with excessive twittering and taking the bait every time the Dems or other opposition throws out pieces of chum. He needs desperately to learn that fighting back is worse than just turning the other cheek and letting their nonsense fade away in the 24/7 news cycle fog. His responses get more play than the b.s. thrown at him. If he’d just ignore them, more of this nonsense will end and the coordinated “Resist Trump” orchestrated by the Dem leadership and former big $$ Clinton donors will come to a screeching halt.

      • Givemeabreak

        You have been lied to. Supply side or trickle down was a term made up by David Stockman, Reagan’s budget director. He has since came out and condemned it for ruining the country. Stockman is now for taxing the wealthy. Under Reagan who cut taxes and increased spending he doubled the debt and so did Bush1 (Remember the recession?) and Bush 2 (Remember the deregulation and the banks too big to fail? He told us to be good Americans after 9/11 and go buy stuff. People ran up credit debt and then it all came crashing down.)and Obama doubled it as well. The only one who didn’t was Clinton. Things where great for Wall Street in the 80’s because he just kicked the can down the road. He deregulated everything and let the Banks go wild. You can’t cut taxes and increase spending it just doesn’t work that way.
        Why would you want to give the rich more money? Give a rich man a tax cut and he keeps it. Give a poor man a tax cut and he spends it and that money gets taxed many times before it ends back up in the wealthy’s hands again. It all ends back up to the top anyway. With more taxes being paid on the money.
        He has assembled the most talented group of people ever? Really? His cabinet has more wealth in it than a third of the country. If you have that much money I guarantee you did a bad thing or too along the way to get that much. He put Goldman Sachs executives in there. Banning worked for them too. He accused Clinton of being tight with wall street yet he seems to be even closer. You have been lied too and are drinking the Kool-Aid. Just because you have money does not make you talented. Rick Perry really? Devos really? She donated almost 9mill towards Trump’s campaign. Looks like pay to play to me and he is in bed with the elites more than I could have ever imagined.

      • Givemeabreak

        He isn’t taking bait. Trump is a master at controlling the masses and the media. I call him Sensationalism Donnie.

        Media sensationalism is defined as the style of reporting news to public that involves use involving fear, anger, excitement along with crude thrill undertaken through the media in order to boost your viewership, ratings and lastly profits.

        He knows exactly what he is doing. Don’t think he is dumb for a second.
        He Tweets his sensationalism, so in essence he is his own media. Pay attention to the trick closely and don’t take your eyes of the magician.

      • DJB

        I’ve been lied, to, huh? As MBA with a concentration in Finance and Economics, and 30+ years of business experience, i think I can see through this and think for myself and the lies from the left are so easy to detect and debunk. Stockman is allowed to have an opinion as an economist—as did Paul Krugman who claimed the sky was going to fall and the markets crash when Trump was elected. I’m up 7% in my portfolio since the election. How did Krugman’s ‘prediction’ and assumption work out? For people in the markets, it has worked out really well. Everyone has an opinion and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that relying on tax cuts for the poor isn’t a sustainable solution long-term . That might be a quick boost for spending, but over time you need something that builds wealth, productivity, and jobs. Think of it as the old saying: “give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he can take care of himself”.

      • Givemeabreak

        Sorry I will take demand over supply side any day. Demand is what drives the supply. If the consumer has no money to spend, how do they buy the over supply of products? When you have nothing you have nothing to spend. I don’t care if Daddy Warbucks opens a huge retail store in my town and he has all these shiney widgets, if I have no money to spend there.
        I said you have been lied too because you keep blaming the left for lying but don’t accuse the right of doing anything thing wrong. Are they without fault? To me they are all liars and for someone to follow one side so furvently immediately raises my concern on your trickle down views. It just seems awfully biased to me. Sorry that’s just the way I see it. I hate the two party system, it is tearing our country apart.

      • DJB

        Givemeabreak–I’m going to try this one more time for you so pay close attention because after this, I’m out.

        While demand is absolutely important and the life blood of an economy (as you said), supply side is the skeleton and musculature. This is a symbiotic relationship. They have to work together. If people (demand) don’t have stable, well-paying jobs, and a place to work, how can they afford to buy anything other than by relying on government assistance or family and friends. That is NOT sustainable because at some point the government will run out of money and be forced to borrow (gee, where have we seen that before—$20 trillion debt anyone?) and family and friends can only give so much. Through various measures, many proposed already, i.e. tax cuts, tax incentives as mentioned in my posts above, we can create an environment (supply) where job creation thrives—thus putting money in the hands of the employed to go and buy goods and services (demand). I would suggest a review of the four factors of production–the cornerstone of free-market economic theory. Land (including buildings, production facilities, natural resources, etc., labor, capital, entrepreneurship. These together create the ecosystem of an economy and the positive interaction of each is what builds a healthy supply side which will support a population’s ability to buy goods and services (your ‘demand’). Look at how much money has been shipped offshore by corporations—mainly because of US tax policy (highest in world). Corporations are in business to make money. They are entities that exist primarily to build shareholder wealth (institutional investors, Mom and Pop’s 401K, your pension fund, individual stockholders like you and me). If we over-tax them, their incentive is to go elsewhere (overseas) to maximize profitability because the cost of doing business in America is too expensive. Sorry, corporations and businesses are not in the business of losing money—they go out of business quickly if they do. Net/net: if we don’t create an environment where businesses can thrive there will be stagnant job growth (last 7 years). And please spare me the “unemployment is only 5 percent” nonsense. It is labor participation rate–the number of people that are actually employed that matters. That b.s. 5 percent number is a prime example of “cooked books” since it does not include people who have left the work force, ran out of unemployment benefits, and have given up looking for a job. It is a false number cooked up by politicians to tell a very misleading story—our current labor participation rate is the lowest in 40 years. I do agree with you that demand side is important as I stated above—but you had better have a thriving business environment that is growing and expanding to give people an opportunity to work.

        One final point about your two party comment. The two-party system is what has made us great. It has created a competitive environment that used to work for the people—a healthy check and balance making each party work harder to provide better government. I agree that there are problems and we could debate this one for hours, but a lot of these problems are attributed to the one most important word you used—bias. We no longer have an objective press. Liberal bias has permeated our media. I won’t bore you will statistics—go and Google for yourself the numbers and percentages of media people who identify as Democrat. We now have a media that ‘supports’ rather than ‘reports’. With so much support on one side of the political spectrum, this has totally disrupted the healthy balance that was the hallmark of the two party system as people are constantly bombarded with bias (direct and subtle both) and misinformation. Denzel Washington put it best—if you are totally checked out and not paying attention you are uninformed. If you are watching the media and following the press, you are misinformed. Combined with overabundance of news sites on the web (many fake news on both sides btw) and the 24/7 never ending news cycle on TV we’ve seen created a frenzy and mass hysterics. This is not healthy as this, too, disrupts the healthy balance between the political parties. What is the answer? God only knows. I’m not sure there is one in truth as there is so much noise and we’ve stopped teaching civics and critical thinking in our schools so we can’t rely on the next generation to fix these problems—problems that could tear us to shreds and we better learn to resolve these differences and work together or we are going to go the way of the dinosaur.

        Have a great weekend—I’m outta here. .

  • Givemeabreak

    Just an Independent scum here with a job that supports my family of 4 and a different opinion than yours. real (LOL) american. Stop generalizing people. We are all Americans.


    False flag trolling, wahoo. Start crap to try and make conservatives look bad but like always, we fail. Like the fake hate crimes and saying everything is racist. We are running out of tricks and replaying the same ones dead

  • Real American

    Some of us are working hard 8a-5p and use our lunch to try and save this country from people like those whining and you.


    Okay I admit it… I’m liberal scum with now job and Im upset Im not getting the attention I want. Feel The Burn betches

  • WTH

    WNEP How about you stop giving these protesters a pedestal and stop putting these people in the news you are fueling the fire with garbage, sad that this is the only story you guys can come up with. stop feeding these looser the fame and help spread good news already.

  • duh

    “you never see them commenting on the good news articles” Please enlighten us, oh troll-be-gone, what exactly qualifies for a good news article in your world? And you posted at 1:56 PM on a Friday. Day off today? How do you like it?

  • Dan

    I am simply amazed at how many people do not work, take time off from school, have no idea what they are protesting for, but a working man like me has to loose money going to jury duty. And the best thing of all is no one cares about your stupid signs. Go help the elderly and sick and stop using your head for a hat rack.

    • Givemeabreak

      Do you work 7 days a week 24 hours a day? Maybe it’s their day off. Sorry I went out of your box there. I work too but I don’t have a nobility complex like you.
      I do like your comment about helping the elderly and sick though. Maybe there is still hope. Keep your humanity.

  • WarningFakeNews

    Some folks are retired, some work at night, others work weekends, and still others have devices such as phones and don’t need to be home to post something. Surprising, but true.

    • Troll be gone spray is needed..

      Like I said..You would have an excuse…What’s your excuse for your crazy behavior? Your’re obsessed with your political affiliation to the point of being nauseating. You also can’t seem to get enough thumbs up for yourself to the point of posting under many ID’s. You are obvious because you repeat things under different id’s. I can’t wait for the day that your all outed in some way so you can’t hide under anonymity.I suspect you will crawl back in your hole or dbl up on your Prozac or alcohol.


      Granted, I’m a complete hypocrite because I’m doing the exact same thing right now. But hey, I’m liberal, hypocrisy is my thing.

  • Feces patrol

    Mostly from Columbia County? Nice try fake news. More likely students and some faculty from Bloom U send under their professors encouragement. Yeah I’m sure the Patriots of this Country care what pot smoking binge drinking, rear porch collapsing buffoons are demanding from the rest of us.

  • Dave

    If you posters took the time to see what Barletta has done for you and pointing that out rather than complaining about people complaining you would find out how he voted for his constituents. As it turns out he has not helped and for those who have gas on their property he actually made their lives miserable because of his voting record on Nat Gas along with his republican counterpart. I won’t go into details, as your little minds cannot handle Facts,but you really ought to stop shooting yourself in the feet because of your hate. Do yourself a favor and the rest of us too and look up his voting record before putting down those down who took the time in to make sure they let him know on a cold day in Feb. Instead of assuming they are all on welfare..No you didn’t take the time to find out who they were either.. A bunch of cattle going to slaughter is what you remind me of.Lead by pea brains.

    • GasIndustryWorker

      I’m for whatever makes the Oil & Gas industry money… the more they make, the more work they do, the more work I have, thus a secure job so i can pay for my overpriced health insurance thanks to BO… I want security in job, border and wallet

  • WarningFakeNews

    Soros funded rent-a-mob. Tens of thousand turned out to see Trump wherever he went, and we then voted. Trump won.

    • Putin Rising

      Putin won. The rich won. Big gas won. The environment lost. Truth lost. The middle class lost. You’re lost.

      • DJB

        And you need to get back on your meds and outta Grammie’s basement so you get some VItamin D. Your brain has shrunk, and liberal group think have poisoned your thought capacity.

      • AmericanPatriot

        Putin isnt the enemy. We need to repair relations with Russia, become strong allies and crush the muslim terror threat

  • Joebooski

    If they worked forty a week, they would be tired. Friday’s, Saturday’s must be their weekend. All of the free loaders need to go. Our president is doing an awesome job. All the left is losing sleep, he has them cranked up! It’s about time. USA the best country in the world, earn your keep or get trucking.

    • duh

      I’ll agree with everything you said but in all reality, we’re not the best country in the world. Matter of fact – we suck pretty bad at a lot of things.

      • poonus

        then leave if you feel that way! go to whatever utopia you so highly covet and live your life enjoying whatever it is you so feel America has denied you! no one in America wants what is good about the USA to get flushed and become Sweden, France, Britian or the Venezuela. if you want Socialism go to a Socialist country, and stop trying to change things here to line up with your me me me attitude. people are tired of working and having their labor stolen by freeloaders.

  • Lance

    well these people d ok nt have any patience. Give the president and Congress time. But these clowns would rather whine and complain.

  • Real American

    Aww… you don’t want to lose your Obamacare? How about get a job, pay for it yourself like honest Americans… because I’m sure tired of higher and higher monthly payments and premiums.

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