Folks Flock to the Great American Outdoor Show

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HARRISBURG -- If you love hunting, boating, fishing, or anything outdoors, there is something for you at the Great American Outdoor Show at the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg. In fact, it's advertised as the largest outdoor show in the world.

"We're hunters and fishermen and you come down to look at all the boats and all the places you could go hunting and fishing," said Paul Inama of Pine Grove.

The nine-day event features more than 1,000 vendors.

"You could never see it all in one day. And we just enjoy walking around and looking at all the new stuff," said Inama.

Earl Thomas of Cressona believes this is the perfect time of year for the event.

"It's the dead of winter, look around see what the new products are. I do have a boat, but see what's on the market, get out, stretch out, this winter is a long time."

Emery Gunsalles is into archery. He got to test out his skills at the show.

"I shot an arrow and then I shot another arrow and I hit exactly where my other arrow was so I 'Robin Hooded' it."

In addition to all of the people from northeastern and central Pennsylvania who make the trip to the show, there are also a lot of local vendors.

"Normally this time of year, we have really bad weather. People can come in here and see all the different styles of boats without being out in the weather," said Ken Shartzer of Robbins Marine.

Employees at Robbins Marine from Milton say there are perks to buying a boat at this event.

"A lot of the motor manufacturers give you extended warranties if you buy at the show," Shartzer explained.

It costs $14 to get into the Great American Outdoor Show and $10 to park. The event runs through Sunday at the Farm Show Complex.

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