Drivers Still Dealing with Slick Roads

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HAZLETON -- For some, this was another day of dealing with slick and slippery roads.

The sight of tires spinning was common around Hazleton on the day after a big snowstorm. Many streets still look as though they've barely been plowed.

"They probably could've done a little better of a job, but it is what it is. It's winter in northeast PA so we learn to deal with it," said Kevin Makarewicz.

Even cars with four-wheel drive were having trouble getting over the roads, especially with all the sludge and the ice.

"I don't know if they don't have sufficient number of trucks or something like that, but they have not given the service you have to do. Some streets you can't cross," Devlin Castillo said.

Some frustrated drivers questioned the city's department of public works.

"People need to understand it is wintertime," said DPW worker Frank Vito. "It is not summertime; they need to drive according to the road conditions. They have to understand when they are coming close to the intersections, they are going to be icy."

Hazleton's DPW says it did have drivers plowing through the storm.

"We got about eight or nine inches of snow which ended up creating a matte because we just couldn't plow off the streets fast enough."

And the heavy wind after blew a lot of the plowed snow back onto the roads.

But crews were back out plowing and salting on Friday.

DPW workers expected to have their crews get through all 107 miles of roads in Hazleton by the end of the day.


  • Sam I Am

    They raised the registration severel times claiming it was for the roads, raised the gas tax ( highest ) claiming that is was for the roads.

    With all this snow and ice cover.
    Where’s the roads !!

  • Jay

    It’s February. It snows. The roads get crappy. What the heck do people expect?? The truth is that winters in PA especially over the last several years are extremely mild. Relocate some locals a few hours north in upstate NY for a year and watch them cry like babies. Maybe you’ll see a snow day if there’s a foot of snow.

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