Snow Blankets the Poconos

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STROUDSBURG --The Poconos got a significant amount of snowfall Thursday morning.

The weather created a mess on the interstate and some main roads for drivers.

Slippery roads and white-out conditions made a messy commute for many people, but according to the Monroe County Office of Emergency Management, there were no major accidents.

People here believe it's because they were prepared.

In the early morning, the sound of plowing filled Main Street in Stroudsburg. Several inches of snow fell overnight into the morning, making an absolute mess throughout Monroe County.

"It's the Poconos so you have to be prepared -- right tires, right car, four-wheel drive and you'll be OK. Oh, and don't forget your boots," said Antoine Acevedo.

Looking at Interstate 80 from the overpass in East Stroudsburg, there were snow-covered lanes and whiteout conditions in both directions.

PennDOT lowered the speed limit here to 45 miles an hour for most of the morning.

Plows were out salting and pushing away snow that just kept piling back up.

"They doing the best they can against Mother Nature and at this time, it's difficult," said Acevedo.

Much of Monroe County got anywhere between four and eight inches of snow.

Some people we spoke to cannot believe what a difference a day can make and others have been waiting for a day like this -- enough snowfall that they can shovel and plow away.

Joe Amantea plowed his way through Mount Pocono.

"Been out since four o'clock this morning and we will keep going until it's over and several hours after," said Amantea.

"To me, it's white gold!" said Tom Holtz.

Holtz shoveled the sidewalks along Main Street. He's embracing the wacky weather.

"I mean yesterday I was sitting in my backyard and today I am out here sweating to death breaking my back. But it's all good."

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