Resorts In Poconos Hoping Couples Flock To Winter Wonderland For Valentine’s Day Weekend

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POCONO TOWNSHIP -- Resorts in the Poconos are hoping the snow brought in from the overnight storm will help create a winter wonderland for couples looking to getaway for the Valentine’s Day weekend.

Two resorts offering starkly different ways to enjoy the snowy weather say they are expected big crowds over the next four days.

Here at Pocono Manor Resort and Spa, love is in the air.

The resort is decked out in red, ready for the weekend`s Valentine`s Day crowd.

Wayne and Karen Runner from New Jersey are already in the romantic mood as they are here celebrating their 48th wedding anniversary.

They say the snow adds to the ambiance.

“Oh it`s pretty, it`s really pretty,” said Karen. “When we came in on Tuesday, it was foggy, then yesterday, we had a beautiful view of the mountain and today it`s a totally different view of the mountain, it`s just really nice.”

“Oh, it looks like a winter wonderland, it`s just beautiful,” said Wayne.

Resort employees are hoping other couples will flock to this winter wonderland for the weekend.

There`s a special four course dinner this Friday and Saturday and of course on Tuesday the 14th, the actual Valentine`s Day.

And there`s plenty of way for couples to play in the snow.

“We`re got the snowmobiling up and running, we got snow shoeing, cross country skiing, we`re hoping that the temperatures are going to freeze tonight so we can have ice skating as well,” said Erin Calpin with Pocono Manor. “So, there`s a lot of things to do on property and it`s really exciting, especially for Valentine`s Day weekend.”

Over at Kalahari Resort, folks say the snow makes the 87 degree waterpark feel even better.

“Oh it`s unreal,” said Scott Saunders from New York. “We just had a blizzard today and the wind was swirling and you`re in here and it`s tropical, it`s great.”

“When we were here December or November and I said I can`t wait to come back in February and see what it`s like when there`s snow and sure enough, it`s a blizzard!” said Stan Nartowitz from New Jersey.

Kalahari says couples play all day in the water and relax here at night for Valentine's weekend.

“We have some suites that have whirlpools in them that are specific just for couples. We have a wonderful couples massage room in the spa,” said Don Pleau, the general manager at Kalahari. “We have some really nice restaurants options, including Brandberg, where they can have a nice romantic dinner.”

Kalahari says people do not have to be guests of the its hotel to use its amenities, including the indoor waterpark. Day passes are available for purchase.