Lackawanna County Deals with Snowfall

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MOUNT COBB -- Some of the highest snow totals from this February snowstorm came in Lackawanna County.

For most of us, this was the first big dig out of the winter and it came with all the expected frustrations.

There were also some unexpected ones, including a crash where a driver nearly hit an out of control plow truck.

A Jefferson Township plow truck was the one off the road after a near collision. The truck couldn't stop and Cesar Reyes says he couldn't either. Faced with a choice, he decided to swerve, slid down a hill, and hit a house instead.

"Today might be my last day, that's exactly what was going through my mind," said Reyes. "But I tried to maneuver it as well as I could. And so, I, for some reason, there's two trees and the car could just pretty much fit through. I was able to make it through. I do not know how. There's a force bigger than me that helped out."

That force, or lack of it, in this case, caused minimal damage to the house and no one was hurt. It could have been worse.

That's what the Ruddys in Clarks Summit said, too as they shoveled their driveway in the sunshine. On this, of all mornings, their snowthrower decided to break.

"We used it a little bit last year, and that was it. Now we have the heavy snowfall and it don't work! Isn't it always the way?" said Judy Ruddy.

Of course, snow days aren't all bad. About four inches of snow in Scranton was very well received.

"I was like waiting for school to be closed," said Kaitlyn Getts, adding that the snow day is, "awesome!"

Maybe it's best to approach snow like a kid would when winter feels like a rough uphill climb at McDade Park; you can always sled down it.


    • Givemeabreak

      So we get our first and could be our only significant snow fall of this year and more than we received on any day last year and you use this one day to say climate change isn’t real. Wow! I would give you facts but I can’t fix stupid. Obviously you know more than 99% of scientists.

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