Enjoying a Carbon County Snow Day

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FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP -- Carbon County received a little less snow than many parts of our area, but still people were spending the morning digging out and having fun.

Shoveling snow off cars, sledding down giant hills, people were enjoying their snow day in Carbon County.

"Everybody got the text and the tweets so everybody was extremely excited even though nothing started last night," said Nicole Baker.

Schools were out so families were out and about digging out from the 3 to 5 inches of snow that fell in the Lehighton area.

Eugene Eckhart was expecting more snow but wasn't disappointed with the lower amount.

"It's really good, much better if you predict it a little heavy and it doesn't do quite as much. We are all more glad that way."

Contrary to popular belief, some birds don't fly south for the winter, so instead, they use days like this to spend with family and friends.

"In the winter time when there is snow, we are out always, trying to build snowmen and when we had that little flurry before we actually scraped snow from our house and the neighbor's house."

For the Cotterman family, that meant building snow penguins and sledding down the big hill in their backyard.

"It kind of scares you at first because you are afraid you are going to hit the deck and stuff, but that's what makes it fun, yeah, it does make it fun," said Jamyson Cotterman.

And after a long day of sledding and fun, kids and parents across the county will wait with great anticipation for the next snow storm.

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