Clearing the Roads with PennDOT in Luzerne County

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Snow was falling across the area Thursday including Luzerne County and Wayne County and roads were a mess.

Newswatch 16's Ryan Leckey wasn't sleeping in, though.

He was live throughout Luzerne County with the crews working to clean things up for the morning commute.

Ryan caught up with some workers in Luzerne County who didn't let some snowy roads keep them from their jobs.

Watch Newswatch 16's Ryan Leckey give an updated report on the snowy roads from inside a PennDOT plow truck live on Facebook.


  • Amber

    Of course Ryan wasn’t at home sleeping. He was in a truck with PennDot workers sleeping. Might as well get paid $50+ per hour doing nothing with PennDot.

    • Mr.Smith

      PennDOT drivers don’t make the $50+ an hour like everyone thinks. Most of these drivers are paid $12.97/hr to start and in the Winter, most are temp employees with no benefits that get cut loose in the Spring. PennDOT workers get a bad wrap from the community when their roads aren’t plowed to perfection as soon as the snow falls. Everyone wants the roads cleared ASAP but no one wants to pay the extra taxes to get more trucks/workers on the road, so you’re left with only a handful of workers at a salt shed working great lengths to clear the roads as fast and efficiently as they can while getting so much negativity from the community. I think you’d be surprised how much work they actually have to deal with that the public never sees.

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