Thanks to Hundreds of Book Donations, VA Medical Center Receives Library on Wheels

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PLAINS TOWNSHIP -- Empty shelves will be soon be filled with books at the VA Medical Center in Plains Township.   Six carts filled with books of all genres will be placed in high-traffic areas throughout the hospital.

Jim Davidson remembers when the center had a physical library before that closed. Now, with this library on wheels, Davidson believes this will help veterans turn the page during their stay.

"These bookshelves that have just been donated is an effort being made by this hospital to reach out and meet the needs that veterans have reading materials," said Jim Davidson.

The VA Medical Center in Plains Township along with the American Red Cross and Quantum Rehab teamed up to donate this new mobile library for patients and visitors.  The books can be used by patients and families at the facility as well those in long-term care.

By placing these books on shelves the Red Cross is hoping veterans stay entertained during their stay at the VA Medical Center.

"Keep these bookcases fully supplied with books. Once a month, we are going to be coming up here restocking these shelves because we hope, I hope the shelves are empty every month because I hope the veterans take the books and read them," said Bill Goldsworthy of the American Red Cross.

Davidson is grateful for members of the community and other veterans who are helping those in hospital stay more comfortable during their stay.

"When people come around and say thank you by giving something, or singing, or giving books, it makes a big difference," said Davidson.

Organizers ask any new or gently used book donations be sent to the Red Cross so they can sort them before placing them on medical center shelves.