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Talkback 16: State Police Fee, Naughty Bingo, Changing Forecasts

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Topics in this edition of Talkback 16 include paying for state police protection, changing weather forecasts, naughty bingo, and the man in the blue suit.

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  • Lee Xioshin

    I am so tired of people saying you need a 4-wheel drive when you live in the Poconos. I have seen 4-wheel dive vehicles slide just like a front wheel slides. While people may feel safer in a 4-wheel, they still need to learn how to be a safe courteous driver. Please, SLOW DOWN for the weather conditions, our curvy roads, and for other people trying to shovel out their driveways. Do not tailgate a slow moving vehicle. If they have to stop or slide, you will wind up hitting them. Never pass a sliding vehicle, because they will need enough room to try to maneuver out of the slide also, they could accidentally slide into you. Better to get where you’re going, than not at all and remember the goal of driving in snow or ice is to survive, not to show how inconsiderate or arrogant of a driver you are.

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