Schuylkill County Prepares for First Big Snow Storm

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POTTSVILLE -- Schuylkill County could get four to eight inches of snow by this time Thursday, the most snow the county has seen this winter.

While many are not looking forward to the snow, plow businesses say they need it.

In Pottsville on Wednesday, it was almost spring-like at 51 degrees.

"We were ready for spring. We are not in the snow mood right now!"

Tom Whitaker with the city of Pottsville streets department says most of the winter he's had the city plows parked in the same spot and his team was able to work on other street projects.

But soon, the plows will likely be put to use and salt is going to be hitting the roads, as Pottsville and the rest of the county expect the largest snowfall this season.

"Just when you thought you were going to skate out this winter! Yes, we really did think we were going to make it, but no such luck," said Whitaker.

All 16 workers on the city's streets team will be plowing during the snow storm, and while some of them might not be looking forward to it, the team at Mattera's Inc. are washing off a plow, excited for some snowfall.

"I love it! I love it! It's exciting, can't wait for it. We are looking forward to it and getting everything cleaned up," said Steve Mattera.

Mattera's has been doing snow removal around Schuylkill County for six years but this year has been tough.

The county has had less than half the snowfall it typically gets during winter.

So this snow storm while it may inconvenience some, it will certain help boost some business for this snow removal company.

"It's sad for the people because they have to put up with a lot of nonsense but for us it is perfect!" Mattera said.

If Schuylkill County gets the four to eight inches of snow, plows are expected to be out on the road for at least 12 hours straight.

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