Police: Woman Tries to Sell Access Card on Social Media

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WILLIAMSPORT -- All it takes is a click of the mouse to make a purchase these days. Shopping online has become an easy way to buy and sell. Police in Williamsport know people try to sell just about everything.

"We received literally almost 300 messages, identical messages bringing this to our attention," said Williamsport Police Captain Jody Miller.

It all started last Sunday. Tanya Keenan uploaded a picture of her access card to “Williamsport’s best-selling site” on Facebook. Since then the post titled "My Food Stamps At Half Price" has been shared hundreds of times.


Screengrab of Facebook post

"They were looking to get $100 cash for the card,” Miller added.

People sent it to police not because they wanted to buy Tanya’s Access Card, but because they were afraid what she was doing was illegal.

"This is the first time to my knowledge someone actually posted a “for sale” for their benefit card," said Miller.

Williamsport police tell us selling your Access Card for cash could be considered welfare fraud. Tanya Keenan was arrested Monday on an unrelated probation violation. She was charged with forgery back in October. Right now, there are no charges filed because of the Access Card post, but there is an investigation going on.

"I think they are abusing the whole system," said Barbara Bennett.

"People need to stop selling their food stamps," said Devin Hoffman.

Several of the folks eating a free lunch at Sojourner Truth Ministries have an Access Card.

Last year, the office of the inspector general saw about 500 cases where people traded their Access Cards for something else.

"I don't think they want to sell their food stamp card just to pay their bills. I think they want to sell their food stamp card for drugs," said Hoffman.

Keenan has not been charged for her post on social media, however she is in jail and expected back in court next week because of her probation violation.


  • J@D3!...

    All these people on here talkin bs make me sickkk! Just because you recieve foodstamps does NOT mean you are on drugs and do not work! I work 40 hrs a week and am a single mother and hardly make my bills every month! I actually only recieve $40 a month and that isnt anything when you look at the price of groceries, but I am thankful for the help! And the job i do have I obtained by going to school and still make crap money! They said the lady was selling her food stamps so she could go visit a sick family member! How about people just start minding their business! I think that would make the world a better place. In the words of MJ “im starting with the man in the mirror”. Im sure everybody on here who has left a comment has done something illegal in their lives; so just know when you point your finger their are two pointing back at you!

  • Monty

    There is probably a 50% or better margin of waste in that program. Time to switch to State run food pantries. Only the staples and all Pennsylvania products – might as well reinvest the tax $$ back into our own state. Load the $$ on a photo ID card and have the clerk actually look at it.

  • JessicaInWilliamsport

    When I saw it on Social Media I thought it was bogus….. could be someone trying to get her in trouble. Let’s wait for the investigation, hmmm… Also, nice choice of witnesses for the story…..background checks might have been helpful in that case LMAO.

  • Sandy M

    Why can’t welfare recipients be drug tested it’s a broken system and it seems like know one cares I guess it’s political thing for getting votes. I guess I’ll go back to work now so they can eat and buy whatever they want on my dime what a joke!!!

  • cup.of.coffee

    What an ungrateful creature she is…whatever amount that she had in that card is the taxpayers’ money, we paid for her food and if she get caught and go to jail our tax money will pay for her meals too.. What’s wrong with this crap??
    We facing problem with illegal immigrant, terrorist that destroying our land left and right, drugs epidemics, and we have this kind of citizen that selling their aid just to feed their addiction? We Are NOT Going Te BE GREAT AGAIN, NEVER!! if there’s no changes in our SYSTEM, A Revolutionary on the SYSTEM and the Concept of the Law that put more benefits to the taxpayer instead of giving a free rides to those ingrate and watch them multiply..

  • Elaine

    What an incredibly stupid skank. Selling her childrens’ grocery money, probably so so she can buy drugs. Scumbag.


    In Williamsport they steal it from the stores and sell it on these sites because the police here do nothing useful.

  • bill

    time to get rid of entitlements if u wanna live like that convert warehouses with space for each family why should i pay for others i already take care of my family

      • WilliamsportResident

        Some parts of Williamsport are really nice. It’s the trash in certain sections that bring the whole place down. Look towards to apartment complexes and low income for the issues… but oh the appartment law was unfair and racist. You want to get rid of crime, get rid of the criminals.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    I’m praying for rain. I’m praying for tidal waves. I want to see the ground give way. I want to watch it all go down. Mom, please flush it all away.

      • Lloyd Schmucatelli

        In between sips of coke I can tell you that I’m OGT back from ’92, on the first EP. ;-).

        And vicariously I live while the whole world dies.
        And regarding the girl selling her access card? Well…

        Underneath the skin and jewelry
        Hidden in her words and eyes
        Is a world that’s cold and ugly
        And she’s scared as hell

  • McCracken

    Jail and EBT? Man, that’s a double punch to the groin of society. At the very least, she should be banned from receiving food stamps, again.

    • Muhamed Algowboom

      Where I come from, she would be executed. Mostly for being a women, but second for stealing from society and Allah

  • Working for a living

    This is a prime example of how social programs don’t work. This happens more than you think. Cut the programs and these people will have to get a job and pay taxes like the rest of us!

    • Givemeabreak

      Really? I do agree that it does happen quite often but to say that all social programs don’t work of off a small sample size is more broad strokes of the brush. I grew up on welfare because my mother has schizophrenia. I had it difficult growing up and we didn’t even have a car or telephone. Now I have a family of four that I support myself with a fairly healthy income. I own my own house and have 4 cars and I am self employed. Do you know what got me here? Growing up the way I did, because if the money was just handed to me by my parent’s I would have blown it.
      There are people that are on assistance for real disabilitys and mental illnessess including vets. To say they all should be cut is just another generalizing of groups. You grew up fortunate to have all your faculties and your health? You think your special because you work? Big deal. Your just mad because you have to work, I am happy I can. So here is a BIG go to HEII.

      • Raena Jimmy

        I don’t think they meant that all programs should be cut. I’m sure your mother did not abuse the system. It certainly does not sound that way. As you can see once this abuse is caught, it is not taken lightly. Us taxpayers have a right to know information like this. The few bad apples give the social programs a bad name. I like to help those in need, but when things like this happen, it makes us all upset.



  • Working mom

    Well it’s about time. Now maybe they can tighten the rules for the ones that have them. Give them all checks with specific items listed like WIC does.

    • J' erry Johnson (Pronounced Jay-Airy)

      Yeah be she be enjoying that black privilege yo. EBT belongs to my people. Racists…

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