Old Forge in National Spotlight for Being Self-Proclaimed Pizza Capital

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OLD FORGE -- A community in Lackawanna County whose claim to fame is being the pizza capital of the world is now getting national attention for its tasty trays.

Old Forge's pizzas are being featured in a USA Today article published online on Wednesday.

The dining room at Arcaro and Genell in Old Forge was jammed packed with diners raving about the food.

“Very good, everything is good. Pizza, hoagies, everything, everything is good,” said one diner.

It is that Old Forge pizza that really gets folks coming out to eat in the borough again and again, and it's that pizza that's caught the eye of a national news outlet.

In its article, USA Today features Old Forge, the self-proclaimed pizza capital of the world, even titling it “The American pizza capital you've never heard of.”

“It's wonderful. We're on the map, and they deserve it,” said Kathy Wilson of Clarks Summit.

“We love Old Forge. There's no better pizza in the world,” said Charlie Wilson. “And we're traveled a bit, so I can say that with some authority.”

Angelo Genell, the owner of Arcaro and Genell, is interviewed in the article. He says the reporter reached out to him through the Lackawanna County Visitor's Bureau.

“I was more shocked than surprised, and we were happy for Old Forge. That's the pizza capital, you know, self-proclaimed, but we love it,” said Genell.

“I think it's awesome. It's crazy to know that people in Florida, California see this article and know it's us. I think it's awesome,” said server Amanda Krappa. “I'm actually like in the one picture. It's my hands holding the pizza.”

Across the street at Revello's, workers say there's just something about Old Forge pizza.

“A lot of people do, when they leave this area, they can't wait to get back just for the holidays and come here, have some Revello's pizza,” said Steve Seliga.

And there's hope the story on the pizza capital will bring in some extra dough.

“More people the better, as long as they come for Old Forge pizza, we don't care where they go, as long as they end up in Old Forge,” said Genell.

This isn't the first time Old Forge's pizza and Arcaro and Genell got a mention in USA Today. Back in the 1980s, USA Today did a story on the best pizza places around the country.


  • yeti sasquatch

    Great now Pennsylvania will be famous for drugs,child abuse, corruption,animal abuse and pizza !!!! What will you do with all the $$$ from tourism from this self proclaimed BS ???

  • Luigi scalone

    Have they found that pizza shop owner guy yet? Too bad USA didn’t run a story on that for publicity. The cops certainty aren’t going to find him. Nobody will find him now until springtime at the earliest due to this snow we just recieved.

  • Dave

    I don’t see Old Forge as the best……I know of several places by far better in Dunmore and Scranton. Old Forge is self proclaimed !!….. When I drive by the popular Old Forge establishments and see them packed by out of towners, I think to myself their are so many better.

    However, I’m all over the US and NEPA blows everywhere else away. In fact most places don’t have ANY pizza but Domino’s.

    • Givemeabreak

      I second that. I too have been to most of the states for a period of time and I would say NEPA as a whole has the best pizza hands down. It is more of a regional thing than just Old Forge.
      I would say behind us is NY, NJ and Chicago in that order. Anywhere else and you would be better off eating the box. I actually considered once trying to get Pizza Perfect from Trucksville shipped to me in Texas. Let me tell you, cowboys no nothing, about pizza.

  • stevew

    You cannot get good food in Pa let alone pizza.Love living here hate eating here sorry folks New York and New jersey is where the good eats are had.

  • Charco234@aol.com

    My favorite pizza place is home where John Maroni makes his Original Maroni’s Pizza. His family was well known for their pizza place on St. Ann st in West Scranton. Although it’s still there it’s no longer owned by the Maroni Family and the Original recipe is only made in our house every Saturday night! I’ve tried for many years to convince him to share his talent and fabulous pizza. Maybe someday…

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