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From Teeing Off to Bundling Up

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LACKAWANNA COUNTY -- Wednesday brought mild spring-like temperatures and dozens of golfers responded by hitting the greens at Pine Hills Country Club near Scranton.

"Beautiful day, I couldn't wait to get down here. I call here every day to play. I love it,” said Bob Woosman of Hallstead.

But even the most die-hard golf lover probably won't be able to tee off in half a foot of snow.

A winter storm is on the way Wednesday night into Thursday afternoon.

"Holy moly! Guess we won't be back here for a couple weeks!” said Lenny Bartkus of Gibson who was golfing with friends.

In the Poconos, the storm is expected to pack the biggest punch, with an estimated 10 inches of snow on the way.

It’s hard to imagine a storm like that just hours after strolling around outdoors in t-shirts and light jackets.

"It's nice, about time, but it ain't gonna last,” said Alfred Tharp of Tobyhanna about the mild weather.

In addition to the snow, there will be another big change.

Over 12 hours, temperatures are expected to plummet 30 degrees, maybe more.

"It's the Poconos and it's February. We're due for 10-12 inches, so hopefully it will come, and tomorrow it will melt, and we'll be back to fine on the weekend when it's 40 degrees,” said Kevin Wade of Tobyhanna.

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  • al czervik

    golf courses (and cemeteries) are the biggest waste of prime real estate. Should put a bunch of condos on that land.

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