Police Officer Recognized for Helping Save Man’s Life

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WEST PITTSTON -- A crowd honored a police officer who helped save a life in Luzerne County.

Officials in West Pittston held a ceremony Tuesday night at the borough building to recognize Eric Eramo.

The mayor presented Officer Eramo with a plaque for saving a man who tried to jump from the Firefighters' Memorial Bridge.

The man he saved even came to the ceremony.

"He's a great guy and he saved my life. He's my, like I said, not just my hero, but also my guardian angel," said Larry Van Meter.

"You don't even think. It's just instinct at this point. Any one of these officers could've done the same thing. It's just that I happened to be working," said Eramo.

Officer Eramo works as a police officer in both West Pittston and Exeter boroughs.

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  • Saying it like it is

    Other police officers, firefighters, nurses, doctors, emts, and many many other people save lives daily. This is different how? Mental Health workers save the lives of suicidal people daily. Thank you to the officer for what he did, but there are literally millions of others to recognize as well.

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