Police: Bigamist Bail Bondsman with Criminal Record Used Alias to Get Gun Permit

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SHAMOKIN -- A bail bondsman in Northumberland County is facing several charges.

Christopher Buckley, 44, of Shamokin was arraigned Tuesday. Buckley faces firearm and bigamy charges, accused of illegally having guns and being married to a 43-year-old woman and her 18-year-old daughter at the same time.

"I mean one person, one marriage, right? Yes! Of course, it's crazy,” said one man who lives in Shamokin.

In the Shamokin area, Buckley known as Christopher Hauptmann, a bail bondsmen who worked out of a Coal Township business.

Over the summer, he applied for a concealed weapons permit and that's when a sheriff's deputy says he spotted something odd. Hauptmann looked just like a convicted drug felon from New Jersey. The dates of birth matched.

Investigators say the fingerprints matched, too, and that's when they say they realized Hauptmann was actually Buckley. And as a convicted felon, he should not have had firearms.

Newswatch 16 spoke with a man from Kulpmont who says he did business with Buckley. He described Buckley as "aggressive."

"He got in my face and I really didn't appreciate it. I kind of thought there would be some trouble. I never wanted to go back to that bail bonds place. The other employee was nice, but I didn't want to deal with Chris after that."

Investigators say also they realized Buckley married a 43-year old woman in 2015 and less than a year later, he married her 18-year old daughter.

There's no record he ever got a divorce.

Police say Buckley has been living at a home in Shamokin with his young wife.

"They seem like a nice couple. I mean, he was a little bit older. She was a little bit younger, but they seemed like a nice couple. I just moved here a few months ago, so they came over, introduced themselves several times to me,” said neighbor Dana DeMore.

Investigators say this case is far from over. They say there’s the possibility there may be another wife in the picture and they are looking into whether Buckley may have more aliases.

"Wow, that stuff happens out in Utah, well not anymore, really. I guess people have double lives that you don't know about,” said one man.

Buckley is locked up in Montour County on $300,000 bail.


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