Naughty Bingo to Support Fire Company

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HOMETOWN -- You've probably heard of fire departments hosting bingo nights to raise money, but what about naughty bingo?

One volunteer fire department in Schuylkill County says it's had to get creative with fundraising events.

The Hometown Volunteer Fire Company is preparing to host its second adults-only naughty bingo night.

The first one late last year turned out to be pretty popular.

People came from as far as New Jersey, and it was standing room only.

"So instead of obtaining individual or cash prizes for winning bingo, you get adult toys," explained Jason Messerschmidt.

He calls naughty bingo a way of getting creative with the struggle to raise money.

"You are constantly doing the same fundraisers over and over again and you are taxing the same people that come and support those fundraisers over and over again and we are trying to reach out to a larger group of folks," said Messerschmidt.

He admits the fire company was concerned about the reaction it would get, but so far, it's been positive.

"I think it's good. It could bring in other people, all kinds of people," said Nikole Price of Pottsville.

"If you like it, you go. If you don't, you don't. It's for a good reason. They've had them before. It's for a good cause," said Melissa McLaughlin.

The Hometown Volunteer Fire Company had its first run at naughty bingo at the end of last year. People came from all over Schuylkill County and even other states.

"It's in very good taste. It doesn't get wild. It's a controlled environment. It's not out of the craziness of the world," said Messerschmidt.

The Hometown Volunteer Fire Company says it made a few thousand dollars with its first naughty bingo fundraiser.

The second one is set for March 11. It's selling 160 tickets for the event, and have already sold 30. They cost $20 each.


  • battleborn

    In the early 80’s, one of the local legal brothels donated gift certificates for a raffle. First prize was the lady of your choice for 24 hours. Second prize was for 12 hours, and third prize was 8 hours. It was the most successful fundraiser we ever had.

  • Jonathon

    My boyfriend and I attended one of these functions down near Pittsburgh earlier this winter. Its was very successful. I think the fire department made out good as well.

  • Joebooski

    Sometimes when I go to view the news I often wonder? How will society top yesterday’s stupidity.
    Then I get my answer. Some of these news articles really make me smile!

  • WarningFakeNews

    The funny thing about this…people coming in from other states…it being a huge success and all, and it seems that the people who proclaimed to have been so deeply offended about what Trump said when he wasn’t even aware he was being recorded- far outmatched him in the vulgarity department at that protest…seems like folks wanna get offended when it suits their political purposes, and come out and win a prize like this in public… items I’d be too embarrassed to order in private, online. It’s just weird.

  • I69

    Now what in the hell is a 92 year old lady going to do with a 14″ black dildo that answers to the name “Frank the doorstop?!”

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