More Time in the Classroom for Scranton Students?

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SCRANTON -- Students in one of largest school districts in our area could see changes to their schedules.

The Scranton School District superintendent has proposed changes she says will improve performance for the district's students.

The new plan may have Scranton students redistributing the time spent learning reading, writing, and arithmetic and how much time they spend in music, art, and gym class.

The plan proposed by the Scranton School District superintendent is meant to improve test scores by increasing students' class time.

"Everybody wants their grades to go up," said Sal Torrisi. "Yeah, I support it."

Opinions were split among parents and grandparents waiting to pick up their students at South Side Intermediate. Some were concerned about what the plan entails -- less time in the special classes of art, music, and gym each day.

"No, I don't think those programs should be eliminated at all, I think that's very important in a child's life," said Louise Viola.

The superintendent says no programs would be eliminated. class time would be redistributed.

High schoolers would have the choice of one special class per day.

Intermediate students would have one special a day instead of two.

Elementary students would have a rotating schedule four days of class and one day of specials.

The proposal is now in the school board's hands. President Bob Sheridan wants parents to know that nothing will change immediately.

"This is going to take a long time," said Sheridan. "We, the board, want to look at it, we want to look at other school districts, we want to make sure the program works for somewhere else. If it doesn't, it's not going to work for our school district."

The superintendent says she would be willing to make changes to the plan if teachers and parents have their own ideas.

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