Community Reacts to Tragic Accident that Ended with Woman’s Death

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MOUNT CARMEL TOWNSHIP -- Judith Permar, 56, of Mount Carmel died Sunday morning after a tragic accident at clothing donation bin on Route 54 just outside Mount Carmel.

The Northumberland County coroner says Permar's left arm became trapped in the donation bin for hours overnight after the step stool she was standing on collapsed.

She was found dead later Sunday morning.

The coroner ruled her death accidental, saying she died from blunt force trauma and possible hypothermia.

“That's a horrible way to die, getting stuck like that. I guess she broke her arm,” said Alex Matelevich.

“To be standing there, knowing that just the person across the street could just turn the light on and help you and just there and not be able to call somebody or have somebody come help you,” said Kia Vazquez.

Michelle Podpora became emotional, saying she drove by that donation bin during the time Permar was stuck there.

“Horrible, I feel bad for that day. I drove by that area and I didn't see her, at 5 o`clock in the morning. So yeah, it hits me, hit me hard,” said Michelle Podpora.

Permar's son said she always wanted to help the less fortunate and constantly donated to those clothing bins.

Her son says in honor of his mother's giving heart, the family welcomes anyone who would like to attend her funeral service this Friday at the Stutz Funeral Home in Mount Carmel.

For people in Mount Carmel, their sympathies are with her family.

“There's no way I'd be in my right mind knowing that my wife or my mom or my sister died like that,” said Vazquez.

Services for Permar will start with a viewing at 10 a.m. with her funeral to follow after.

The Stutz Funeral Home is located at 40 South Market Street in Mount Carmel.

In lieu of flowers, her family asks people make donations to their local SPCA or animal shelter as Judith was an animal lover.


  • Judgey Judge Pants

    Judgement comes from one place. ONE. Your insecure ego. So what are you all hiding, you little angels?!?! I’m willing to bet the harsher the judgement, the darker your secrets or the weaker your confidence. We all see right through your judgey comments, to your black souls. Facts don’t justify judgement. Judgement only rots your soul. This is horrible, period. Practice empathy, kinda helped us evolve to the place we are now. Unless the future of humanity isn’t important to you all, then keep being dicks.

  • Heather

    She died STEALING FROM THE POOR, while driving a car that costs more than most people’s houses. I hope she was praying to God for forgiveness while dangling from her broken arm there. (If they right hand offends thee, cut it off, for it is better that you should lose your hand rather than your whole body be cast in hell. Matthew 5:30). And no, I don’t hope she’s in hell, but you gotta wonder….

    • Heather

      I’ll tell you what kind of need she was in, driving an SUV Hum Vee worth as much as a house–to sell decent stuff she picked through on ebay. That was her need…greed.

  • Bryan

    Sadly this is a “For Proffit” drop box. USAgain, a green for-profit enterprise, works to reduce this textile waste by providing thousands of convenient locations across the US where you can recycle textiles any time of the day, any day of the year. They make money off your stuff. Give to a KNOWN charity. Also, some say she was stealing. Very sad.

  • whatsgoingon

    Even though it was wrong what she did if she was indeed taking clothes and this was a “habit” of hers; there are monsters out there who deserve death WAY more. Just sayin’. God decided when good, bad, or indifferent, but for people to say she deserved it is a stretch at best.

  • duh

    “She was fishing bags out and the ladder she was standing on gave way and she couldn’t get her hand loose,” said Mount Carmel Township police Chief Brian Hollenbush, when contacted by phone.

  • Jeff Kozloski

    Here’s a tidbit for those of you that don’t know… Not all of those “clothing drop box” containers are for the poor and needy. Some of them are collecting free inventory for used clothing shops. Beware, and choose wisely.

  • chris Perrien

    As long as her family or a scumsucking shyster doesn’t sue the charity . I’ll consider this case close. I just hope her family is better than she was. Real judgement awiats her.

  • Giveme A. Brakke

    Was that the “real story” really? – she was stealing from the needy. If you can’t report the truth don’t report anything at all. This is why people don’t trust the news. Sorry she died – terrible turn of events. She did not deserve that fate but the news needs to report the truth.

  • think positive

    It’s so sad when something bad happens to a good Samaritan, doing something to help others. It just makes you ask, “WHY?”.

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