New Dollar General Stores, Jobs Coming

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WILKES-BARRE -- Dollar General has plans to open up dozens of new stores in Pennsylvania this year, creating hundreds of jobs. It's a part of the company's plan to add about 1,000 stores nationwide this year.

While many brick and mortar stores are closing their doors, Dollar General is opening them. Thrifty shoppers at one location off Blackman Street in Wilkes-Barre aren't surprised the company is doing so well.

"The prices, you can't beat the prices!" said one shopper.

It's those low prices that attract a high volume of customers. The retailer is adding 1,000 stores across the country, including some here in Pennsylvania, creating 475 jobs statewide.

"It's good for the economy, possibly help get people employed and not on unemployment," said another shopper.

The landlord for Dollar General in Wilkes-Barre is also excited about the growth. He says it shows the company is here to stay.

"It's going to mean more products for the customers to be shopping with and more stability as a company," said Danny Harrison.

This strip mall used to be an old lumber yard that was vacant for nearly a decade, but since Dollar General moved in about a year ago, the owner has been in talks with other businesses.

"We are actually leasing another space and trying to get more tenants to come in with them," added Harrison.

Dollar General would not say where the new stores will be located. It already has 600 stores in Pennsylvania.


  • seeing red

    You know all you dumb arrogant people make me sick to my stomach. You sit here and complain about a company bringing jobs to our area and to many communities nationwide. You know there are people in this world who would pay to have a job just to support their family or bring in extra income. So of us BLUE COLLARED workers don’t have a degree or the money from mommy and daddy to get one. In an economy where jobs are hard to find at least someone is willing to try to change that. So before you open your mouth about having a degree, mba, or whatever think of the people who don’t have one of them. Get off your high horse or down off snob knob and have some f**king common courtesy for others.

  • Butch

    Finally! I can put that MBA from Wilkes to good use…if I stay there long enough, and show up on time every day maybe I’ll make assistant manager! The only question then is what color beamer to get!

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