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Monroe County Man Sentenced in Shocking Animal Abuse Case

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STROUDSBURG -- A man from Monroe County has been sentenced in an animal cruelty case that left a dog fighting for her life.

Two weeks in jail and 18 months of probation was the sentence handed down in Monroe County court Monday to a man from Saylorsburg after he pleaded guilty to animal abuse.

Last February, Brandon Cramer was charged with animal cruelty after police said he hit his dog with a hammer and then stabbed her multiple times.

This was an animal abuse case that stunned a lot of people in Monroe County area, especially those who took in the mastiff named Michaella and cared for her.

Brandon Cramer from Saylorsburg will now face some jail time and probation.

The dog's current caretakers are happy to get some justice.

Cramer didn't have anything to say as he walked out of Monroe County court. Cramer will spend two weeks in jail and more than a year on probation after he pleaded guilty to animal abuse charges.

Those charges stem from an incident that happened last year.

Cramer thought his mastiff named Michaella needed to be put down after giving birth to stillborn puppies. Instead of taking her to a vet, he hit her with a hammer and then stabbed her with a kitchen knife.

"I hope he gets what he deserves. I think that we should hog tie him and throw him out in the cold," said Barbara Tokar, Creature Comforts.

The dog was cared for at Creature Comforts in Saylorsburg.

Veterinarians there tell Newswatch 16, Michaella has come a long way but lost a lot, too. She lost all four paws due to frostbite and multiple other injuries.

"It was very difficult. We spent a lot of heartache and a lot of time, but she is worth it, so we believe that she deserves justice," said Dr. Karin-Susan Breitlaugh, Creature Comforts.

Michaella actually won't be adopted. She has now become a part of the clinic's family. She still has a little bit of recovery work to do and doctors are even hoping to get her some prosthetic legs.

In court, Cramer addressed the judge by saying he never had any malicious intentions towards Michaella. He thought he was doing what needed to be done.

"He was sorry from the moment it began. If he could have gone back, he would have, but the real issue is that he was sleep-deprived, working too much, and making that bad decision in terms of what needed to do," explained defense attorney Brett Riegel.

Cramer will also have to pay $4,500 in damages to the dog and he is also not allowed any animals during his 18 months of probation.


  • dorpmuller

    I hate this GD state. Too bad no one was outside when he left the courthouse to put one in the back of the head. If this were anywhere else he would have gotten a real sentence.

  • Eliza

    Wow 2 whole weeks lol yeah that’s showing him. Good job pa! Is strange how little actual punishmet people who do gruesome things to children and animals get in pa… should make some wonder why law makers and judges there don’t see these crimes as being as serious as they are.

  • Carolyn Hanko

    OMG!!! NO EXCUSE!!!! He should never be allowed to have another animal or child for that matter, living with him for the rest of his sorry ass life! He was angry that she delivered stillborn babies??? He was probably responsible for that!! He probably beat her when she was pregnant and most probably all her life! :( That poor baby lost her puppy’s, her paws and so much more because of this sad excuse for a human being!!!! I love you Michaella girl! Hope you have a wonderful, loving rest of your life sweet girl!!! Hate him!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUCK!!!!

  • Animal Advocate

    Anyone who harms a child or an animal in any way should have the EXACT same thing done to them as punishment. This is disgusting. And then he can have another animal after 18 months? Unbelievable. The justice system is so skewed. If he thought, “he was doing what needed to be done,” he obviously knows nothing about animals or appropriate animal care.

  • Jack Irvin

    Animal abuse is shocking but a state trooper molesting a 9 year old is not???? Your headlines are so biased, People before animals, the comments here are filled with hatred by people that admit they would commit heinous crimes against this person, in my eyes they are no better than him

    • Wendy

      It all should be shocking.

      I’m sure most people are just expressing their frustration but I do agree, I can’t fathom being as cruel or even comparable to this individual. Though their frustration is understood. The systems continuous failure is incredibly irksome, to say the least.

  • Michelle Wertheimer

    This man should never own another animal. How dare he say that he was sleep deprived as a defense for abusing a mastiff she is sweet and beautiful maybe you should be put out in the cold, stabbed and then a hammer taken to your brain you are pure evil. Where was the rest of his family while this was going on no one noticed or stood up go figure….

  • Jd

    As part of that probation, he should be forced to work at a shelter, under the most strict supervision, cleaning litter boxes and pens in his fancy suit!! And go barefoot while doing it!

  • yeti sasquatch

    What a piece of s**t the more I read the news the better I love my dogs two weeks and eighteen months probation !!!! It’s obvious someone else wasn’t a dog lover either………. Very sad

  • Writer Girl

    What a jerk! It’s mind boggling that in this day and age, people would do this to any animal, let alone a pet. This dog could have been easily surrendered to any animal shelter. Stricter penalties might be needed to end this cruelty.

  • George Palencar

    I have seen the dog at our vet office and the sentence was not nearly enough. He was obviously breeding for the money and when that didn’t work out, the dogs life was worth nothing. Feet so frozen they had to be cut off.

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