Haggerty Abandons Plan to Name Bridge for Biden

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SCRANTON -- A state representative from Lackawanna County will no longer pursue adding Vice President Joe Biden's name to the new Harrison Avenue Bridge in Scranton.

Representative Kevin Haggerty said last week he wanted to name the bridge after the Scranton native. The next day we learned it's already named after World War I veteran Colonel Frank Duffy.

Haggerty said the mix-up was because of incorrect information from a research office for lawmakers in Harrisburg. He now wants to find another way to honor Biden in Scranton.


  • dave

    why would ANYONE want to honor the foul mouthed buffoon aka joe biden by naming a bridge after him? Haggerty must be on heroin on some other dangerous drug!

  • Art F.

    What an idiot Haggerty! There are too many state representatives in PA anyway. We’d save a ton of tax money if we had a lot less of them. Just my two cents.

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