Family Thankful after Happy End to Amber Alert

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BRIAR CREEK -- The family of the little girl who was the focus of a statewide Amber Alert Sunday night says it was all just an honest mistake.

Family members of a little girl who went missing said her mom just went inside to drop off groceries and came out to find her car and daughter gone. She feared there had been an abduction, but that wasn't the case.

That Amber Alert fueled a statewide search that ended up right in the child's backyard.

The yellow convertible state troopers were looking for was found nearly 100 yards away from the family's home.

Alexis Weber is home now. Sunday night, hundreds were searching for the 2-year-old girl.

Troopers issued an Amber Alert after the toddler's mother phoned police from a nearby gas station, saying her yellow convertible went missing with Alexis in the back seat.

"We were all ready to go. There was no hesitation on any part," said Berwick Fire Chief Randy Remphrey.

Word of the 2 year old's disappearance spread fast. The toddler's picture and different theories over her disappearance were plastered all over social media, and most of them were wrong.

"She said that she was at Sheetz and she went in to go pay for gas and somebody took the car and the little girl was in the back," said neighbor Margot Veth. "The biggest thing about Facebook is what was being put on wasn't true."

Family members tell Newswatch 16 the convertible was parked outside the family's home and the mother went in to drop off groceries. When she came back out, the car was gone.

Troopers say Alexis' mother didn't put the car in park. It rolled down the hill and ended up in a field. That's where troopers found the little girl.

Her family says Alexis' mom came out of the house and saw the car missing. Knowing her phone and daughter were inside, she immediately feared it was an abduction. She quickly ran to call 911.

"My landlady called me and told me they were looking for the girl in the car, and they were looking for the guy that took the car and that's what all the helicopters were for. So what do I think about this? I think it's all crazy," said Veth.

Berwick Fire Chief Randy Remphrey and nearly 150 other firefighters and first responders were out searching. Tracking the mom's cell phone led to some early confusion, but then led to the right area.

It took hours until the car and the girl were found in a dark area behind the house.

Troopers say Alexis was taken to the hospital and is OK.

We spoke with the family on Monday. They say they're getting a lot of negative comments but say this was just a mistake. They say they were so grateful for the support from state police but also from those who shared the Amber Alert online.


  • Angela

    Most of you need to read the article. The Sheetz story is a quote from a third party that likely got information screwed up. According to family and police, she was unloading groceries at home when the car rolled away. She called the police from a nearby gas station (which could have been a Sheetz) because her phone was in the car as well. They found the car with the 2 yr old in it by tracking the phone. I challenge any of you to say you never forgot to put your car in park or that you failed to fully engage the gear. Generally speaking, the child was probably safer being left strapped in her car seat than brought inside with the front door being opened and closed. Remember the car only rolled 100 yards away but it was dark so neither mom or police could see it even though it was close. It doesn’t even matter if the car was running or not as far as it being in park. It could roll away of the engine was running or not (assumption that the keys were even in the ignition). Some of you need to get off your high horse and remember that accidents and mistakes happen and there is no indication of abuse or neglect from the description in this article.

  • fed up

    This woman (and I use that term loosely) should not only pay a huge fine, but should also have to pay for all costs associated with the search.

  • Real Man

    This woman should be charged with Child Abuse and have her kids taken away from her and put in protective services. In addition she should be fined at least $20,000.00, drug tested daily, and have her computers and phones confiscated and checked for child porn. This is an unfit mother. Put her in jail for 20 to 30 days and reform her.

  • Dragonsi

    Here is a theory that is not too farfetched after reading this new information. Perhaps the girl was not strapped in properly, or at all and got out of her car seat somehow and took the car out of park and it rolled away, and the mother said she forgot to put it in park? That’s not impossible. Here in town 17 years ago, my friend’s 3 year old grandson took her car out of Park and they live on a steep hill and it immediately rolled downhill 2 feet into their neighbor’s car in front of them and stopped. He’s 20 now.

    • duh

      Here’s another theory that is far-fetched: A two year old girl that is properly restrained in a car seat talks her imaginary friend into releasing the parking brake and placing the car in neutral. She then has her friend dial 911 and report that the car has been stolen and it’s heading to Laporte. This didn’t happen to a friend of mine, he’s not 62 years old now. Thanks for your completely irrelevant story.

  • Silent Bob

    So in the original story WNEP said the car was last seen heading towards Laporte. Where did this come from? Is WNEP one of the sources of the wrong theories posted online?

  • Shayna

    Seems some are missing the point that she still did intend to leave her child in a RUNNING vehicle ALONE. That’s not a mistake. She admitted to intending to do this, maybe she did forget to put the car in park but you still were leaving a two year old in a car alone, what are the chances she really could have been abducted!! How unsafe is that… running in or not, it’s not the same as leaving a teenage kid in the car, she’s two! Come on. There’s no excuse for that. And honestly she sent the police on a wild goose chase for no reason because she was being a irresponsible parent. Mistakes happen but she left her kid out in a running vehicle alone, what did she think was going to happen. Doesn’t matter for how long. Things happen in SECONDS . Ugh

  • Chip

    But angry talk show host Steve Corbett talked about it for 3 hours, with only some of the facts, argued with polite callers, and in the end wanted to lock this lady up. I’m sure the angry and rude self proclaimed journalist Corbett would have had different feelings if the mother was a minority. Why is this guy even on the air ? that’s the best WILK can do 3 to 6 ?

  • Dana Smith

    In her defense , FORDs are known to pop out of park in some years . How do you lose a YELLOW mustang ? Or for that matter leave keys / kids in car ? Thank God there wasn’t water downhill from there .

  • Kellie Sheakoski

    She did the right thing by calling 911. I think we should support her! It is easy to make a mistake, and no mother is perfect. I am sure she feels bad enough without any negativity from the public!!! We should be celebrating that her daughter is OK.

    • Chris Parker

      Exactly. Had she taken the child inside and then gone back out to get the groceries and the child either fell or got hurt somehow, people would be bashing her for leaving the child in the house alone. Mothers can’t win.
      It sounds like she did the grocery shopping after work. A tired Mom, doing it all without help.

  • WTH

    “She said that she was at Sheetz and she went in to go pay for gas and somebody took the car and the little girl was in the back,” said neighbor Margot Veth. “The biggest thing about Facebook is what was being put on wasn’t true.”
    Soooo what wasn’t true? “she said?” or “facebook not being true,” of it’s own entity?

  • whatever831

    And if it wasn’t? If the child was actually abducted, then what genius? The mother was both wrong and right. She was the cause of this incident, for not being more careful and attentive, but to not call the police?

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