Boscov Family Gives Glimpse into Al’s Final Days, Final Sale

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SCRANTON -- The Mall at Steamtown project was organized by Al Boscov in the 1980s and opened in 1993. His store is still the anchor to Scranton's downtown shopping area.

Shoppers there reflected on what Al Boscov has done for their community, and they say they're not surprised by what he is continuing to do in his final days.

Boscov's daughter Ellen posted videos and pictures to Facebook of a recent family gathering and said, "people tend to withdraw when they are close to death, not my dad."

"Heartfelt person. Obviously got his work in, in his life. You don't find many people like that," Linda Davis of Simpson said.

"He is a great man, and I appreciate what he has done for the community," said Joe Johnson of Dunmore.

Now, his family is giving us a glimpse into their last memories together and his care. His daughter says he is grateful for every moment of life.

"He was terrific. Good for the city, and I'm sure he was wonderful for his family, and for his family of employees too," Betty Coleman of Falls said.

Boscov's daughter says her dad has been spending his time focusing on his projects like building low-income houses and making sure those projects continue after his death. She said he's even working on one final deal for his customers. She wrote on Facebook she heard him say his "customers are worth dying for."

"He was always for his customers, and you could tell just by the way the store is, the prices are. He was always for his customers, and he's a good man," Bill Gilbert of Old Forge said.

Family time has also meant a little bit of work, as Boscov met with the store's management team going over that final sale, which Boscov's daughter says will include great deals on shoes, and a lot more.

"I think it's awesome. I think his attitude is just, it's all about your attitude and your outlook," Coleman said.

The Boscov family and its management have not released any more details on Al Boscov's final sale, but his daughter joked he even is using his condition to get the best prices from vendors.


  • Sam I Am

    Al Boscov
    Harry Sugarman
    The Globe
    B Levy
    Lewis & Reif
    So many that made our cities a destination.

    Thanks for the Memories

  • Mary Ann McPhillips

    Thank you AL BOSCOV…For all of the amazing things to have done for so many cities. You have always put your employees and customers first…You are a kind, caring and humble man….Just rest now AL…And let your family continue do your wonderful community work….God Bless the BOSCOV family. !!!

  • Coalcracker

    A great American success story. What you created improved many, many lives sir. Many thanks for all your hard work.

  • Bonnie Praver

    With best wishes, and many fond memories and thoughts to Al, and family, from Bonnie Praver (daughter of Arnold Praver, and sister of Roy Praver) – The Mall at Streamtown partners and The Centre at Salisbury landlords. Safe travels, Al…

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