Arches Put in Place for Rockwell Avenue Bridge

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SCRANTON -- Progress is being made on a bridge replacement project in Scranton.

Crews installed the arches on the new Rockwell Avenue Bridge on Monday.

The span over Leggett's Creek closed in 2012.

PennDOT hopes to have the bridge replacement project finished by July.

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  • Ill believe it when I see it..

    Its inconvenient having the bridge closed due to the extra miles just to get to W. Market St, but not having the speeding traffic up and down near the park has been a God Sent. Soon enough the traffic will be speeding by, the quads will be destroying the grass and the children will no longer be safe while riding their bikes near the park. The street is a raceway for traffic coming and going to Bangor..Maybe some new signs can be put into place as well. I mean we residents of the little nook have waiting too long for access again..A project that was supposed to take a few months, is not 5 years in the making because we hired crooked contractors.

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