Flames Destroy Barn near Danville

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LIBERTY TOWNSHIP -- Smoke could be seen for miles after a barn went up in flames in Montour County.

It took firefighters nearly five hours to get the fire out.

Firefighters and emergency responders worked all afternoon, putting out flames at the barn just off Route 45 outside Danville.

Pictures sent into Newswatch show flames shooting from the barn.

Crews responded shortly after 1 p.m. Sunday to the fire on Center Road which was quickly spreading toward a nearby home.

Firefighters used tankers to get water to the scene and save the home, but the barn was destroyed.

"Our water supply and manpower was a little light and limited when we first got here, but our initial attack was the exposure, which was the house," said Asst. Chief John Moyer, Liberty Township Fire Co.

Once the home was protected, firefighters were able to focus on the center of the barn which firefighters said was the toughest part to reach.

"Being that it was a metal building, it contains a lot of the heat inside and limited access to get to the building itself," Moyer said.

Nearly 50 firefighters from all over the area were part of the fight.

"With a rural area like this and the water supply that we have, we do the best that you can with the manpower," added Moyer.

"It was fully involved when we got here. If you look at the house you can see there is some thermal damage to the house, but we were able to save the property right here," said Asst. Chief Joe Miller, Danville Fire Department.

The owner said there were no chickens in the barn at the time of the fire.

No one was hurt.

The owner of the farm isn't sure if he is going to rebuild the barn, but he says he has already received support from his community.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation. A state police fire marshal is expected to look for the cause on Monday.


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