Taking a Polar Plunge for Animals

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HAMILTON TOWNSHIP -- Some people braved frigid temps to show their dedication to animals.

People came from all over Saturday morning to take a dip as part of Polar Plunge Pocono.

The plunge was held at the Camp Papillon Animal Shelter near Stroudsburg.

A familiar face joined in the fun. Former WNEP reporter Raegan Medgie was even on hand.

"I think I saw angels--or Joe Snedeker--I'm not really sure, but I got really, really cold and then I'm starting to get warm," Medgie said. "I did this for the animals. It's kind of crazy to jump into really cold water. But in the back of my mind, I think about all the animals that don't have a warm place to stay or are neglected."

The polar plunge aimed to remind pet owners not to leave pets outside in such cold weather.


  • Jacksincharge

    What happened to the days when you just jumped in with your friends and were not surrounded by a squad of emergency workers in cold water survival suits and grappling hooks? Was there a 6 page waiver of responsibility that they signed as well?

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