Unlikely Performance Fits in Purr-fectly at SPCA

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WOODWARD TOWNSHIP -- A harpist from Lock Haven is sharing her talents for free with an unlikely audience. She plays for cats in Clinton County.

Pluck the right chord and you might get to hear Pam Blesh from Lock Haven play the harp. The harpist has played for weddings but a few months ago, she decided to take the classics to the cats and dogs. She plays twice a week at the SPCA near Lock Haven.

"Enjoying it, this has really been wonderful playing for the animals," said Pam Blesh.

Pam found out that music can help soothe animals so she started playing her harp at the shelter after the holidays. SPCA volunteers think this unlikely performance fits in perfectly.

"It's nice for her to come over and just to have the animals relax and listen to her," said one woman.

Once Pam has finished playing for the cats, it's off to the dog room, and that room can get a bit noisier.

"If I just sit here, they will calm down and I'll just sit here and play, leave the door open a little bit. People come in and it's good,” said Blesh.

The cats may react better to the harp, but Pam admits she's always had a soft spot for dogs, one in particular. Back in November, Honor, Pam's 9-year-old whippet, passed away. He's the reason she decided to start playing here.

"It's been very healing for me as well," said Blesh. "So maybe through a sad period in my time, I can help others and make a difference," she continued.

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