Teachers Plan to Walk off Job in Stroudsburg

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STROUDSBURG -- Teachers in the Stroudsburg Area School District plan to walk off the job Monday.

The teachers' union released a statement saying school board members have been "unreasonable and unproductive" during negotiations.

The union says it is willing to work through the weekend in hopes of coming to an agreement before Monday.


  • I hate stupid people

    The BOARD refused to accept a proposal where there would be NO raise and more teacher contribution toward healthcare! Who’s screwing over who?

  • Saul Hamie

    We are not asking for more money, my God we are loaded. No that’s not true we never have enough money. We want more of everything. And that story about benetfitting the students is all trash, actually we intend to use them as bargining pawns. Now that may look exactly like child abuse, and yes, it is, but we have lawyers and you don’t, HA !!!

  • Feed Me More

    if they walk away, they should walk away from their pension and not be allowed back. out with the old, in with the new. go work at mcdonalds, most teachers probably couldnt even handle that

    • I hate stupid people

      Idiot! The teachers are willing to take NO raise and pay more toward their healthcare, but the board still WON’T accept it! How is that the teachers holding people hostage?


    I can’t understand those who make decent wages always wanting more at the cost of raising taxes on those who ‘s wages have been stagnant for the past 20 years. This not only goes for Teachers,but local govt. workers,state workers,ect. I especially have a sour taste in my gut for Politicians who give themselves a raise at midnight sessions and refuse to raise the minimum wage. It’s a know fact if your raise the bar the bar raise’s for everyone who makes more than that. Either stand with that thought or shut up about wanting more because it’s not there.

  • duh

    The ‘Walk of Job’ – now there’s something I can get behind. It’s about time a march or assembly recognizes the long-suffering of an Old Testament character. Hey – WNEP – you’re so busy bashing Trump and sensationalizing the immigration issue that your proof readers are just glossing over everything else.

  • nasca7

    The PSEA (teachers union) contributes heavily to the campaigns of legislators in Harrisburg. In turn, the legislators do not pass legislation unfavorable to teachers such as outlawing strikes. On the local level, retired teachers and administrators run for seats on the local school boards to ensure that only contracts that favor the teachers are ratified. It’s a nice system. Teachers are assured they get what they want and the public has no real voice.

    • I hate stupid people

      Do you realize how full of crap you are? The money that the legislators get from teachers pales in comparison to what they get from big business. And I know of many instances where retired teachers get elected to the school board and do NOT back the teachers. Get out of your fantasy world.

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