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PSP Cheating Scandal Report

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HARRISBURG -- The results of an investigation released Friday into the Pennsylvania State Police Academy found instructors created a climate of cheating at the institution.

The state inspector general launched its investigation last year after a cheating scandal resulted in 40 cadets leaving the academy.

The report from state Office of Inspector General found the institution that trains people to be state police officers dysfunctional and outdated.

The cadet class stained by a cheating scandal was the smallest in recent years.

Last spring, 38 cadets were either booted or quit in the wake of that scandal.

And now the state inspector general blames the cheating, in part, on a lax attitude at the academy.

"There is an underlying issue here, that there was an institutional culture that had been created," said Pennsylvania Inspector General Bruce Beemer.

Beemer's report concludes academy instructors routinely gave test answers to cadets.

One cadet told investigators that academy instructors treated some courses as "a joke."

Investigators also found the same tests had been used for more than a decade, allowing older cadets to pass test answers down to newer cadets.

"Oftentimes not even changing the questions or rotating questions around, let alone changing the content or having multiple tests," said Beemer.

Pennsylvania State Police Commissioner Tyree Blocker, who asked for the investigation in March, said the report showed a training system that was out of date.

"We need to do a better job in the 21st century with our training methodologies," Blocker said.

The report recommended the academy make some changes, including limiting instructor's terms to five years and having more outside monitoring of the testing system.

Commissioner Blocker says many of the recommendations have already been put in place.

Read the entire report here.


  • Reggie O

    Yo Goose. Paranoid much? You really don’t know that many state troopers because if you did, you would know that they don’t want cheating cadets and bad teachers in their ranks. And WNEP supporting ANTIFA? I’m not sure most people even know what that is. Go back under that rock you climbed out of and come up with some more entertaining conspiracy theories, Either that or get back on your meds….soon.

      • goose

        Oh, them cheerleaders hoping that someone that they usually get spanked by will give up. Sorry Sunshine, I aint that easy to break.

    • goose

      Valid point. It is a very dangerous job that of lately is understaffed. I was more or less responding to an overwhelming majority of completely negative comments while not addressing them individually. Those have since been deleted but you could see how this story triggered emotions in a false light. I do happen to consider myself somewhat paranoid, but alternative information has that effect. The “medication” thing is the same as calling me stupid or one of the “ist’s”. Thank you for defining your character.

      • Reggie O

        Dear Goose,
        Your words, “I do happen to consider myself somewhat paranoid,” pretty much defines YOUR character. That’s why you must stop ignoring me.
        Your meds

  • goose

    I think you can give us directions to where you might cast us out of the rendition of your own self loathing? Cheers buddy. You are my favorite special person forever with SPARKLES. Yay! You’re #1 forever.

  • goose

    This is a psy-op with any respondents going to a certain folder. WNEP should have been kicked off of any gig where the PSP was in the past 18 months after the stories that they posted and the agendas they got behind. I realize that I’ve already called them out on this, but I’d like to clarify that I am behind our officers that keep us safe and do their jobs while other good people now try to avoid them. This seems like some more CNN derived “division propaganda”. Some of the best people (fathers and mothers) I know are people out of uniform when they aren’t just doing their jobs. WNEP supports BLM and ANTIFA which gets law abiding citizens killed or injured. No matter what words or phrases they abstain from using. Their agenda is quite clear to the majority that they should serve with neutrality and common morals.

      • goose

        My point was that it seems like we aren’t getting the whole story. I should have more disdain for them than I do for how much I get pulled over actually. But when you have larger threats than speeding tickets or the crappy robot attitudes of some of them to contend with? Usually if I treat them with respect it reciprocates. Are you one of those “roadside crybabies”?

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