Police: Report of Sexual Abduction False

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EAST BUFFALO TOWNSHIP — Police in Union County now say an alleged attack on a jogger never really happened.

Newswatch 16 reported Tuesday that a jogger claimed he was forced into a vehicle in East Buffalo Township last weekend, and forced to perform a sex act on a man before being released.

Buffalo Valley Regional Police now say that attack never occurred and that the incident was misleadingly reported to the department.

The police chief said the department is still working on the case and there is no word if the man who made the report will face charges.


  • goose

    I have to respect the journalism here. You are already getting fired by Time Warner, let’s note the other 70+ false “hate crimes” that have made headlines that also have been debunked by citizen reporters spreading the word before you get a job in Austin, TX right before moving to the new D.C. office. Your writing isn’t junk. Might as well pull up that email address and have the previous false reports debunked in your own style as a job application. That’s gotta be over $62k a year with a Press Pass to the WH.

  • Butchy Pansdown

    He was allegedly forced by being asked nicely, then at the guy’s apartment and then once more in the morning behind the dumpster before being released and returning home to his wife.

  • El Ma

    Outrageous for anyone to make such claims and go so far as to invent a phantom perpetrator. This kind of behavior diminishes the gravity of ACTUAL assaults and the consequences of their actions. SHAME on the liar that made this whole mess up.

    • duh

      You should join Bruce Springsteen down in Australia then – he’s apologizing for all of America. Your boat leaves tomorrow, one way ticket.

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