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Mount Airy Fined $25,000 for Overserving Guest

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PARADISE TOWNSHIP -- Mount Airy Casino Resort is in hot water with the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board after a patron became so drunk while gambling here that he fell off his barstool.

The board says on October 7, 2016 that man came to casino around one in the afternoon and began playing slot machines at a bar on the gaming floor.

The board says over the next nine hours that man was served 27 drinks by three bartenders.

In nearby Mount Pocono, the news had people both stunned and angry.

“Wow, I`m speechless,” said one man.

“I don`t think they should be serving the drinks like that, there should be a cut off time, not all night long,” said Donna Welge.

The Gaming Control Board says Mount Airy reviewed the incident and it shows that by 3:30 that afternoon, the man already seemed intoxicated.

Still, he was served 18 drinks after that, falling off his seat at about 10:40 pm.

The board has now fined the casino $25,000 and the three bartenders were fired by Mount Airy.

“I mean it just puts the community at a whole in danger,” said Joe Mancini. “It`s your responsibility as anyone in the service industry are not only safe but the people that are going out onto the public are safe as well, it`s just irresponsible.”

“Yeah careless, you shouldn`t be serving, just sitting there, letting somebody gamble, you know, not even thinking of their safety or health concerns,” said Joyce Welge.

Others say it`s the man who should be been responsible for himself.

“I`m just really tired of its putting the blame on somebody else,” said Wendy O’Brien. “It`s the ‘me’ society and that`s the way it is today.”

Newswatch 16 did reach to both Mount Airy as well as the casino's attorney for a statement on the gaming control board's fine.

Those calls were not returned.


  • Dan

    First off slot machines should not be on the bar. Second it is the waitress that takes your drink order. Third you might have 3 or more people bringing you drinks. And last since when does the bartender play mommy and daddy to grown ups.

  • Scott

    Wow, who fines the resteraunt when I consume too much at the all you can eat….. wake up America .. if you don’t know when you had enough, you have a problem…get the help you need. Things like this just ruin it for others I.E.: taking away free drinks when your playing…. then it will be the casino is too cheap to give you a drink… WTH is wrong with society !!

  • Jay

    That’s a lot of drinks. Maybe he is just a drunk. And maybe every other place that services drinks should be accountable as well. The state police should do check points there again.

  • Jerry Naylon

    Your story makes $25,000 sound like a fair punishment. The casino should be fined $25,000 per drink after their customer was intoxicated. The casino can make that $25,000 back in one hour, what kind of punishment is that.
    The casino is laughing at that fine, that’s why they are not calling you back. The bartenders should be banned for serving alcohol for life,

  • Jack Irvin

    Gaming control board, Pennsylvania’s legalized corruption police, would never enter a facility controlled by PA’s mafia and protected by legalized corruption

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