Kingston Coat Drive Needs More People to Take Coats

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KINGSTON -- There's a coat drive in Luzerne County with hundreds of hardly-used coats to choose from. In fact, the drive needs people to actually come in and take them!

"We have 500 coats, and the purpose is that for everyone to get one rather than us collect one," said Joe Leone, a sexton at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Kingston.

He said the church handed out more than 200 coats so far this season. It's double the number of coats from last year when it first kicked off the drive.

"It's fairly cold this time around, so we're hoping people come for the distribution," Pastor Paul Metzloff.

This isn't the first coat drive in our area that has seen an abundance of winter items this late into the season. Officials think it may be because this winter has been relatively mild with not as much snow compared to winters past. Still, the church wants to get the message out.

"If you know anybody who needs a coat, please tell them about us, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church," the pastor said.

There's still plenty of time left if you need a winter coat. The coat drive is opened every Friday and Saturday of the month, through March, from 9 a.m. until noon.